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Barbra Streisand: $1 Million Makeover

Posted by Adam

BARBRA Streisand is undergoing a million-dollar makeover to make sure her first Academy Awards performance since 1977 is one that nobody will ever forget.

The 70-year-old superstar has hired personal trainers and a nutritionist, and flown in “facial specialists” from Europe.

Barbra has also installed a state-of-the-art gym, a performance studio and a meditation room in her Malibu mansion and ordered several custom designer gowns so she has options for the big night.

“All told, Barbra will have spent almost $1 million,” a source said, adding that Streisand wants to drop at least 20 pounds from her 5-foot-5 frame.

“She also brings in facial experts from Europe regularly and will have them on-call throughout Oscar week.”

Bab’s asked her close friend, designer Donna Karan to create “at least five one-of-a-kind couture gowns,” which will cost at least $100,000.

She’s also been tuning up her vocals in her new home recording studio and meditating in her yoga studio to calm her famously jittery nerves.

Said the source: “Barbra’s spending a million dollars to make sure that her Oscar night performance is perfect – for herself and for everyone else.”


  • Paciano Osias

    Streisand is always a target for the most ridiculous crap one can ever write about anyone. Long after she’s gone from this earth, she will be remembered as someone who’s made it easy for others to earn a living by belittling her.

  • Vince

    I believe that most of this is crap too. However, if it is true, good for her! She’ll be magnificent no matter what!

  • Manuela Mauger

    Dont try to rain on her parade.there is no limit for this lady.she is and will be forever the greatest Star.

  • Filmphd

    FYI – Barbra already has a gym, meditation room, etc. It is well
    Documented in her design book. This article is utter rubbish! I saw her in concert several months ago and she looks fabulous.