George W. Bush Alzheimer’s Disease Sufferer?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

FORMER President George W. Bush is stricken with brain-savaging Alzheimer’s disease — his friends fear.

Sources tell America’s Globe magazine that Bush’s nearest and dearest — including his wife Laura — fear for the former Commander-in-Chief’s health.

“His condition is sad and tragic,” a source said. “He spends his days painting nude portraits — of himself!”

Meanwhile, George has turned to booze in a bid to ease his pain over his dad’s failing health.

The 88-year-old senior Bush recently plunged into a medical crisis trig­gered by bronchitis.

And his Former President son has started to fall apart, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“George is severely broken up over his dad’s deteriorating health,” a source said.

“While the elder Bush tells everyone he’s not going any­where, there’s a sad belief his days are numbered.

“And no one has taken it harder than ‘W.’ While he’s worked hard to maintain his sobriety, it’s no secret he’s severely depressed over the thought of losing his father and has knocked back a few drinks in recent weeks while at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

“George is really hurting from what appear to be his dad’s final days. The word is he’s had a drink or two to deaden the pain despite his wife Laura keeping a watchful eye on him. As his father fades, it’s been hard for him to maintain that steely Bush facade.

“You have to understand that there are decades of unresolved issues between the two. In recent years, George has also been rankled by his dad’s close friendship with Bill Clinton.

“They bonded as they traveled the world together as ex-presidents doing humanitarian work. They had an easy, breezy relationship filled with jokes, smiles and a lot of laughs, and that always bothered ‘W’ because he never got along with his father that well.

“He’s just uncertain how to go about it and fears, at this stage, it may be too late. In the meantime, no one wants to see him fall off the wagon for good.”



  • Lauren

    I hope this isn’t true. I love W. I remember when W took over the White House, and had to have it hosed down, and all the W’s were missing from the keypads, etc. I can see why this might not sit well with W, about his Dad being all buddy buddy w/ Bill Clinton. Hopefully W. can spend more time with his Dad.

    • JudyLou

      That story about the missing Ws was fake. It never happened.

  • God’s little angel

    All I have to say is that God doesn’t like evil and every Dog has their(his in this case) day. This man was given authority of power by God to rule an entire nation, and instead of doin right, he screwed this nation senselessly. Karma, or shall I say “God’s vengeance” is a b***h!!!

    • Dirk

      If what you’re saying is true I can’t even imagine the horrors that await Obama.

    • Alcarrie

      You are obviously uneducated and uninformed, buying the media diatribe. If you read about our response to 9/11, the information from all international intelligence sources is on record saying that Saddam had weapons of mass distraction. They even found some, but most were moved to Syria. As president, he made the decision to fight and guess what? We NEVER had another terrorist attack until OBAMA. Read the reports and quit villyfying a man who did the best he could for his country. So Obama has killed thousands with drones, but that’s all right. Obama opened the war in Afghanistan, leading to thousands of deaths, but that’s all right because he’s a black liberal.

      • Robert L Collinsworth

        You still believe the WMD thing? What are there about a dozen of you people left?

      • RodneyL

        A lot of us knew they had them. The weapons are still around and are being used in syria.

      • Robert L Collinsworth

        You’re going to justify your belief because some folks hucked some canisters of chlorine at each other.?
        Tell me something Mr Wizard. If Syria has all of Saddam’s chemical weapons, why aren’t they using the good stuff, like Sarin?

      • Anonymous

        how about the million pounds of “yellow cake” that our military found in Iraq and kept quiet about it – until it was moved to Canada…. do you think Sadam was going to make cupcakes….???? WMD’s were move to Syria – where do you think they got all the chemical weapons they are using on their own people…. good grief people

      • Mohammed Peter Goldstein

        Let’s stick to things that happened in the real world

      • Anonymous

        bless your little heart “Mohammed” – you have kool aid on your chin….

      • Mohammed Peter Goldstein

        You’re the one falling for a decade old and long debunked conspiracy theory, and I’m the one with kool aid on the chin.
        Sure, whatever you say, Kramer.

      • Anonymous
      • Mohammed Peter Goldstein

        Your “evidence” is from a conspiracy loon site? LoL!

        I guess that you need to accept the fact that Bigfoot is real too

      • Anonymous

        If this makes you a happy liberal to attack me – go right ahead – I can take it….shows what kind of man you really are…. Bless your little heart….

      • Mohammed Peter Goldstein

        Liberal? Now there’s a funny one. Follow my profile ovet to my Facebook page and you’ll see pics from my three tours in Afghanistan.
        Figures that a national socialist would think only in black/white and absolutes

      • Anonymous

        your not the only one to have done tours in the middle east my son and grandson have been there – it isn’t an excuse to be rude an that is what you have done from the first time you posted on MY comment….I don’t care what is on your profile – but if your interested – I am a Constitutional conservative – where you got Socialist from is beyond me…. have a good recovery…..

      • Mohammed Peter Goldstein

        First off, I wasn’t being rude, nor did I even criticize you. I criticized your source which you took personally, then labeled me a liberal because I didn’t fall for your group think. Finally you claimed that YOU were personally attacked. You played martyr after your got your figurative @$$ handed to you in a debate. I had a mother in law that used to do that. You should find a more masculine way to vent your anger.

        I don’t care what you call yourself. The fact that you label any opinion that disagrees as an “enemy” shows that you think in two dimensions, us and them. That is a trait of national socialism.

        I couldn’t care less what your son or grandson has done. It says nothing about the accomplishments in your life. The fact that you cite the accomplishments of others in order to justify your own credibility is actually pretty sad and pathetic

      • Anonymous

        we have a difference of opinion of what and who is rude – no problem.

        “You played martyr after your got your figurative @$$ handed to you in a debate. I had a mother in law that used to do that. You should find a more masculine way to vent your anger”

        No anger – amused at the least….

        “The fact that you cite the accomplishments of others in order to justify your own credibility is actually pretty sad and pathetic”
        I think you were the first to point out your accomplishments –
        I personally was an ICU nurse for 40 years and that pal is not sad and pathetic….
        I think our conversations would have ended it I had not remarked on your comment on my post…..
        so – I am done with you….

      • Mohammed Peter Goldstein

        I pointed out no accomplishments. You tried to label me a liberal because I wasn’t falling for the same conspiracy theories that you’re falling for. My retort was that it is interesting that you label a veteran of thirty years and three combat tours a liberal. That’s just the all or nothing mindset of your kind.

      • Anonymous

        how dare you – you have no idea who I am – “MY KIND” – and what about your KIND – you got mad because I said you had kool aid on your chin…. you haven’t stopped since…..

      • Elmo

        He simply cannot admit to or Handle being owned.

      • Edward Yang
      • Happy you got Alzheimer

        ofcourse your source of information is CNN:). No weapons were found. The area was under 24/7 satellite monitoring and i remember on TV it was said that a mouse can’t cross the border from Iraq to Syria without being detected.

      • KoiL

        “You are obviously uneducated and uninformed” That’s rich coming from a brain dead retard such as yourself! Your comments are littered with inaccuracy. Fool!

  • Anonymous

    What tripe.

  • MAry Gianopolous

    I can think of other things to be sad about – like my brother who worked almost 40 years of his life – after losing his job ( not a million dollar pension) and then his home he was living under a highway bridge until he got pneumonia and influenza and unfortunately had “county care” – I am sorry my violin is NOT playing my heart bleeds for you. It bleeds for the 10000s of American people out of work. – Families losing their homes and more. He may be sad but he’s got a lot of money to keep him safe and warm. Losing parents is hard of course but its not as bad as losing EVERYTHING you have

  • Not A Bush Fan

    This is news? W was stricken with some sort of brain disease before he was president, which explains how he conducted himself as president and the decisions he made. Worst president ever. I would feel more sympathy, but he got so many people killed through inaction and then through two bogus oil wars that I can only regard his alleged suffering as just.

    • Heidi

      Reminds me of Henry the VIII really. In his reign he gradually became more insane. He also reminded me strongly of various ancient Roman leaders.

    • Clinton/GoreVoter

      Well, then, RUN for President of this country and make a positive difference. Easier to be opinionated than be a contributing citizen.

      • Elmo

        He is contributing whenever he votes. I do not see why you are attacking him, he’s not a bush fan and you’re a clinton/gore voter, so that means you agree.

    • Anonymous

      I’ll be you could run for something…. how about assclown of the year….

  • Guest

    He should see if he is still battling Lyme Disease instead. This can mimick these type of symptoms and some believe that you are never rid of this disease. If it is Lyme Disease at least there is a treatment even though there might not be a cure…

  • Heidi

    Interesting that he lied to an entire nation about the need for war, resulting in many thousands of military and civilian deaths, and he won’t be able to remember it in the future. Is that the easy way out? Maybe not. But he won’t consciously have to “live” with his horrific mistakes.

    • Anonymous

      the mistakes were ? – did we have another attack on our soil – no…. with Obama = yes…. sheeple do rule baaaaaa baaaaaaaa

      • DaleinOklahoma

        And you and your sheeple friends were glad to allow the government to spy on everything we do, allow torture, allow indefinite detention of US citizens without even having charges filed, and the complete shredding of the Bill of Rights. Just like ignorant government worshiping sheep to give up all their God given rights in order to feel a little bit of false safety. Are you really that scared of “terrorist” hiding under your bed? Cowards.

      • Anonymous

        you have not read my comment very well…. Constitution and bill of rights being trumped on by Obama and his sheeple as we speak…….I am not a sheep and have no sheeple friends – they all belong to the democrat party…. anyone under my bed is holding a 357 and a dog that will rip your throat out on command and 2 cats that will claw your eyes out…. I am not afraid of anything….My God is an awesome God – He reigns….

  • Kevin T

    I did not love some of his policies but this is sad, and i hope we can all wish him well. Life is mostly wrong, lets put the little right to love. I hope for peace, love , health and success. I also wish most of you can reason with me in this light.

  • bushfamilyarefags

    karma is a btich

  • Happy you got Alzheimer

    Every dog has his day. Same wishes to his son and Obama

  • Anonymous

    front page of the globe??? – I don’t really believe anything this stupid paper says…

  • Hans Schroeder

    Fact -( You don’t have to like me or want me but you should never wish anything negative on anyone no matter how EVIL some, many, or all people may KNOW or Believe they are… We all need each other and GOD can and WILL DO THE Magic through all of us an to all. Love and Love and Become in touch with your SPIRIT!

  • kicks

    No matter how big you are, in the end you are dust.
    I wish people would try to learn this sad fact.

  • Elmo

    I’m voting bullcrap on this.