Ellen DeGeneres Fancies Katy Perry

Friday, February 22, 2013

ELLEN DeGeneres is aggravating her wife Portia de Rossi — because she keeps flirting with other women.

Although Portia seemed fine when Ellen was seen gawking at Katy Perry’s boobs at the Grammys, she “threw a jealous hissy fit” backstage after the ogling incident, and she warned the Emmy-winning talk-show host to knock it off – or else!” a source said.

“Ellen has had a crush on Katy ever since I Kissed a Girl hit the radio,” a source said.

“Portia used to think it was cute, but it’s starting to get old, and she thinks Ellen took it way too far at the Grammys.

“She’s worried that Ellen may want to kiss Katy for real!

“Portia feels threatened by Katy – she’s hotter, younger and has huge boobs.”

It’s believed Ellen’s marriage to Portia — who she wed in 2008 — has been struggling under the weight of Ellen’s busy career.

“Ellen and Portia adore each oth­er, and they’re not going to give up on their marriage without a fight,” said the source.

“Taking on the role of mentor will defi­nitely improve matters at home, because Portia knows that in the long run it will free Ellen up to spend more time with her.

“Ellen loves the idea of taking a struggling artist and changing her life.

“But she also loves the idea of letting this woman take over for her occasionally, so she can focus more on Portia.”[imagebrowser id=544]