Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Split Last Year?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

MICHAEL Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones split over the summer, it has been claimed.

The pair’s 12-year marriage buckled under the pressure of deal­ing with Michael’s cancer battle, his son Cameron’s incarcera­tion and Catherine’s struggle with bipolar II disorder.

Mi­chael, 68, moved out of the palatial country home that he shared with Catherine, 43, and their two young children.

“Between Michael’s medical is­sues, Catherine’s mental health and Cameron’s legal troubles, they appar­ently couldn’t always live together,” a source said.

“Michael moved into a rental house for a short period. But their problems could have led to a permanent split and even a divorce.

“Catherine took drugs to help treat her bipolar condition, and although the medication may have helped her, they also may have played a role in the couple’s problems.

“Dealing with all these issues put an additional strain on Michael and Catherine’s marriage.

“Michael stayed in a nearby rental property owned by a multimil­lionaire pal. It’s a nine-room converted barn that’s just a few miles from the estate he shared with Catherine.

“Mi­chael said something to the effect that he and Catherine were taking a ‘time-out,’ and he was looking for­ward to having an entire house as his personal man cave.

“Catherine was determined to save the marriage because she still loved Michael. So she brought the family together for the children’s sake.

“It’s because of Dylan and Carys that Michael and Catherine aren’t giving up on each other. But only time will tell if they can make things work over the long haul.”