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Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth at War Over Godparents

Posted by Adam

KATE Middleton is at war with Prince William‘s Grandmother — Queen Elizabeth!

According to a new report, the pregnant beauty is furious that Lizzy baby has rubbished her choice of godparents.

Kate wants her sister Pippa Middleton and troubled younger brother James Middleton to be her baby’s religious sponsors.

“It’s the latest bat­tle for William and Kate, and one that they very well could lose,” a source said.

“William is still very much under his grandmother’s thumb, and Kate’s incredibly frustrated because she feels powerless.

“On top of that, James is teetering on bankruptcy. He had to hit up his family for money to bail him out.

“Kate is heartbroken, and William changes the subject whenever she brings it up. It’s Kate’s first real taste of the queen’s iron fist, and she doesn’t like it.”[imagebrowser id=988]

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  • May

    I think the queen should just leave them alone-
    I mean its their baby right??? The same with naming the baby diana if its a girl (but I think Diana should be its middle name as I think the child should have its own name instead of being always told about Diana’s legacy and how she is named
    after her.). I think Pippa and James should be godparents but I think prince harry or some other friends should be godparents too because then it wouldn’t just be Kate’s side. I’m due in July with my first too!!!

    • Elmo

      I think will and kate should do whatever they want with the name, godparents and everything else and nobody has the right to judge them

      • May

        Yeah I know but I’m just saying…

    • bamboo

      Yes Will and Kate have right to chose the godparents for their child but they MUST take good person (Pippa and her brother, hum…I don’t think so), if not the Queen must get involve definately and I think in this case the Queen is correct. Personnally I think if the Queen accept Will on the throne, stupid and coward Will will let Kate control him and do whatever she wants, and ambicious Kate will take advantage to show her powerful and bring all her family into the royal. The British Royal will turn a new page in history.

      • Elmo

        Wow you have no idea about their personalities or relationship. Not being mean, just saying you should know your facts before you send out things you can’t take back.

  • Apoorva

    I hate the way modern people don’t respect heritage, duty and tradition anymore. It’s not “their” baby, it’s the Firm’s baby. It’s the Crown. So nothing is a private decision for dim William and incredibly vapid Kate. She really must be an idiot to think that her failure siblings would make good role models.

    • Elmo

      And you too! The firm. Really. So the firm and the crown conceived and will give birth too the baby. That’s what you’re saying. The crown isn’t pregnant, kate is. Kate is the mother and William, the father. Therefore, it’s THEIR BABY. The same rights of couples apply to them as to all the other ones on the planet. Just because they’re royal doesnt meant they have to conform to anyone else’s standards, much less ignorant people such as yourself.

  • ariesa

    Duchess Kate does need to “cut the cord” with her parents to a point if she married into the royal family. That creates too much of a division in any family situation if one side of the family is left out. I agree with Apoorva — that baby is the heir to the throne — not the Middletons.

  • Alex127

    As anything else related to the royal family, Queen Elisabeth has and should have a final say. She may take suggestions and William and Kate should have a say in it, but tradition must be obeyed and rules followed. Queen should always have the final word.