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Ben Affleck and Matt Damon: Their Wives Hate Each Other

Posted by Adam

BEN Affleck and Matt Damon have a problem — their wives HATE each other.

According to a new report, Ben’s wife Jennifer Garner and Matt’s spouse Luciana can’t stand being in the same room.

“The two families socialize frequently,” a source said.

“But despite Matt and Ben’s decades-long working partner­ship and friendship, their wives have never warmed to each other.

“Luciana has always felt that Matt is more talented and way more deserving of recognition than Ben.

“It burned her up seeing Ben feted for months like he’s the King of Hollywood.

Luciana, 37, goaded Matt — who shares a Best Screen­play Oscar with Ben for the 1997 drama “Good Will Hunting” — into sending out “save the date” invites to their wedding.

“It was totally unnecessary, BUT Luciana wanted to stick it to Ben,” said the source.

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  • Alice

    A new low, another way to dredge up talk and gossip!

  • carmen are

    Jennifer Garner annoys the he_l out of me because she seems desperate for publicity. She and her kids are a weekly fixture in all the tabloids EVERY week! Wassup with that? I think that Ben always looks miserable when they are photographed together. Thank God she had a boy..Otherwise he would have kicked her to the curb long ago. He married her on the rebound and she’s not a very goo-looking woman. Plus her figure is not attractive. She doesn’t have a waistline and her shape is kinda dumpy. Her facial features are mannish too. But, why is she ALWAYS in the tabs each and every week? Nobody else does that. Very,very weird.

    • Carlos

      I don’t know what you are looking at, but I am a man and I think Jennifer Garner is beautiful, beautiful lips and a nice body too, didn’t you watch ELECTRA?