Angelina Jolie Parties Hard!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1194] ANGELINA Jolie is so fed up of being on her own with the kids while fiance Brad Pitt that she partied hard in Los Angeles during his recent trip to France!

“Angie was fed up – she gets a little weary of being with the kids so much,” an insider told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Meanwhile, Brad flits from one movie set to the next while taking side jaunts to party with his guy friends.

“Angie decided she needed a break – and cut loose.”

So Angelina and her friend Holly Goline hit up a fundraising party in Malibu on March 1. She drank wine and “flirted up a storm with lots of handsome men,” including Ben Affleck and musician Peter Gabriel, according to the source.

“Angie was lapping up the atten­tion,” added the source. “She didn’t appear to be missing Brad one bit and kept the party going past midnight.

“Angie is frustrated that Brad gallivants around the globe on his pet projects.

“She’s showing him that she’s not going to sit home twiddling her thumbs.”



  • cleangarry

    Good girl. I hope she loves a normal wine, not a Miraval shiitt.

  • cleangarry

    ta ta

  • marie
  • jilly

    Back to being a HO. We knew that the Mother Theresa mask won’t last too long with this bitch. Hi Garry! How is it going with JJ. They’re my friends now. They email me if I have any problems posting and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • cleangarry

      I read all your posts. :)

      • jilly

        I wrote to them and asked why my comments don’t post. Isaac wrote back to me that I should delete all the cookies on my computer and after I did that for the most part I can post comments. Lots of times, it doesn’t but if I click out of JJ and go back, then it will. So, it seems like they had system problems and it’s not all about them not liking us!

  • cleangarry

    Brad in Paris this time. She looks good.

    • cleangarry

      one more sip

      • jilly

        Go ahead Angie, use the damn gun…YOU GO GIRL!

    • jilly

      He should hang out with some hotter women. I love for Jolie to go crazier…drink some more and flirt some more. The flirting is useless though for Jolie, since nobody wants her anymore.

  • Classy

    Oh please !!’ Can’t a person have a little fun!!! This is BS

  • Toby

    How hard?