Whoopi Goldberg Sick of Barbara Walters

Thursday, March 14, 2013

WHOPPI Goldberg is sick of Barbara Walters!

The acting legend apparently isn’t happy that 83-year-old Barbara — who returned to The View after being out six weeks due to her much-heralded fall and surprise case of chicken pox — is back at work.

“Whoopi was not happy that Barbara got hurt, but she sure was happy that Barbara wasn’t at the studio either,” a source said.

“Whoopi has grown tired of Barbara’s negative critiques and trying to micro-manage every little thing the women say.

“Whoopi negoti­ated extra ‘Barbara’ days off in her contract, so when she gets fed up she can take a break to clear her head – or cool off – before she has to deal with Barbara again.

“Whoopi was annoyed, because the whole time Barbara was on sick leave she still watched the show and sent in her criticisms.”


  • Ashton

    Too Funny

    • RedOwl

      I believe every word of ths story and I don’t blame Whoopi at all for having these thoughts.

  • Anonymous

    Divorce time.