Queen Elizabeth Will be Dead Soon?????????

Friday, March 15, 2013

QUEEN Elizabeth is close to death, according to a new report.

America’s Globe magazine claims the British royal is fading fast, and her ailing health has triggered an ugly new power grab for her crown.

“The Queen’s condition is sad,” a source said

“Camilla has launched a sinister plan to deny Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton the Throne.”

Recent reports claimed Middleton was at war with Elizabeth over what to call her baby.

According to a new report, the pregnant beauty is furious that Lizzy baby has rubbished her choice of godparents.

Kate wants her sister Pippa Middleton and troubled younger brother James Middleton to be her baby’s religious sponsors.

“It’s the latest bat­tle for William and Kate, and one that they very well could lose,” a source said.

“William is still very much under his grandmother’s thumb, and Kate’s incredibly frustrated because she feels powerless.

“On top of that, James is teetering on bankruptcy. He had to hit up his family for money to bail him out.

“Kate is heartbroken, and William changes the subject whenever she brings it up. It’s Kate’s first real taste of the queen’s iron fist, and she doesn’t like it.”[imagebrowser id=988]


  • FluffyUK

    Total and utter nonsense. And Americans wonder why the rest of the world thinks you’re ridiculous? Unbelievable.

  • keri12

    Incredibly idiotic article, not to mention ridiculous.