Jennifer Aniston Considering Adoption?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1228] JENNIFER Aniston is considering adoption.

The actress has been quizzing Charlize Theron — who’s mom to one-year-old Jackson Theron — about the process of adoption since mutual friend Chelsea Handler connected the two.

Sources say Jennifer — who’s engaged to boyfriend Justin Theroux — is keen to have a baby, and is exploring her options.

“She’s seriously considering [adoption] as an option, given her age and the fact that Charlize says it’s the most rewarding thing she’s ever done,” a source said.

“But she hasn’t decided entirely, with surrogacy another possibility for Jennifer because she definitely does want to have kids.

“However, at the moment she’s just concentrating on her wedding to Justin. After that, she will decide what to do next.”



  • marie
  • Mary

    What’s going on? I thought she was already pregnant with twins! Someone, please clarify!!!

    • jilly

      I don’t know about twins but I’m pretty sure she is pregnant at the moment.

      • Elmo

        She hasn’t confirmed or denied it but judging by what’s going on she probably is. Don’t want to invade her privacy though. These snowstorms just keep coming! Spring is tomorrow, so this should be the last one…

  • cleangarry

    Jilly do you have a window for comments on the JA thread?

  • cleangarry

    Jilly can you believe? This is a Jast Jared site “DEMOCRACY” !