Prince William and Kate Middleton Argue About Scrabble

Sunday, March 17, 2013

PRINCE William and Kate Middleton have been fighting… but not about what you’d think!

The royal couple — who are expecting their first child together — bicker over Scrabble!

In documentary Our Queen (about Prince William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth), Middleton, 31, and William, 30, are by nature rather competitive. That comes out during quiet nights at home when the pair, now expecting their first child in July, attempt to play the popular word game.

In the documentary, Olympic boxer Anthony Ogogo recalls a revealing conversation he had with Middleton during a Team GB reception during last summer’s London Olympics.

“She said when they play Scrabble they don’t usually finish a game, because somebody got in a mood and slammed it shut!” Ogogo reports, laughing.

Meanwhile, Kate has altered her typical workout routine of strenuous cardio for something a bit easier on the baby.

“Kate has a yoga instructor visit her at the palace,” a source said, adding that she still goes for long walks a handful of times a week “Just to increase her heart rate a little.

“She’s been reading as much as possible, from how to be a good parent to how to stay healthy for the baby.”

Kate has reportedly receiving deliveries from Amazon on a daily basis.

“It’s probably her favorite shop in the world,” the source adds. “She buys a lot!

“She’s got sugar on the brain. Chocolates, biscuits, cake.” When she sneaks off to a nearby Starbucks for a decaf coffee, she’ll often pick up a baked good!”[imagebrowser id=988]