Carnie Wilson: Bell’s Palsey Sufferer

Sunday, March 17, 2013

CARNIE Wilson is battling Bell’s Palsey.

The singer took to Twitter to reveal the details of her condition.

“Just wanted you all 2 know that I have Bell’s Palsy on lf side of face right now. Scary, unfortunate, but it goes away. A challenge!” she wrote.

“Ps Who believes in Acupuncture? I’m treating my Bell’s Palsy with it. IT’S WORKING.”

Meanwhile, Carnie is getting to be at peace with her figure.

The star lost 40 lbs. after her January 2012 lap-band surgery.

“I’m not striving for perfection. This has to be for the rest of my life,” she said.

“So with two kids, a hectic schedule and being a working mom, I fluctuate and that’s ok. I’m not beating myself up for it. Every year I’m making more progress now – and that’s my goal.

“I want that muscle percentage to go up. It’s only three days a week, but that’s good.

“I feel like that’s a great message to send out.

“I tell my daughters, ‘You have to love yourself’.

“If I ever hear them put themselves down I tell them, ‘Don’t say that. You have to say positive things about yourself because you are what you think you are’.

“For me, I know I don’t weigh 120 lbs., but I’m also not 500 lbs.,” says Wilson. “I am who I am and I celebrate where I am when I’m there.”


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    She is such a famewhore.