Katie Holmes Didn’t Want Another Baby With Tom Cruise

Thursday, March 21, 2013

KATIE Holmes apparently changed her minds about having another child.

The actress recently told Allure magazine that she is “open” to the idea of adding to her family.

But, according to RadarOnline, towards the end of her marriage with Tom Cruise, the Dawson’s Creek beauty was adamant that she did not want any more kids!

“I think it was just that Katie didn’t want to have another baby with Tom,” a source said.

“He was very interested in adding to the family early last year and giving Suri a brother or a sister, but Katie kept putting him off.

“She would tell Tom that she wanted to concentrate on her career, or that they should focus on bringing up Suri first.

“Either way, Katie made her excuses and turned him down whenever it came up for discussion because she had enough on her plate.

“In fact, around that same time, Katie was talking to her family about divorcing Tom — so having another baby with him would have been the last thing on her mind.

“Since splitting with Tom, Katie has continued to blossom, even posing almost topless in a sexy ad campaign for the jewelry company IRIS.

“She is more confident than ever.

“She would have never been allowed to do a shoot like this when she was married to Tom. He was very controlling and had strong views about what projects she would accept and pass on. Now, Katie is making all the decisions about her career and her life as a single mom.”