Ashton Kutcher Does Films For The Money

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ashton KutcherASHTON Kutcher has never been a “starving artist”.

The actor — who’s dating Mila Kunis but divorcing Demi Moore — has chosen to star in films purely for the money.

“There was a point in time where I was doing movies to be able to afford to live in a certain way,” he said.

“You know, I didn’t really go the starving-artist route. I kind of went and did massive, commercial things. [Two and a Half Men] is a very commercial show. But it’s very fun to do. I’m surrounded by an amazing group of people. And I can be home for dinner.

“When you become well known, you start to have suspicions about people’s intentions that you’re becoming close with. Because I think there’s been an artificial value that’s been put on fame in the world—people don’t want to do something.

“They just want to be famous. And so I think you develop a natural suspicion of that. And, you know, I have a little bit of naïveté about trusting people—with the notion that if you share and if you give to people, they’ll respect your privacy in turn. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.”


  • stacy

    Sorry that the girls you GAVE it to didn’t keep your secret Ashton.