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Prince Charles Storms Out on Camilla!

Posted by Adam

PRINCE Charles has been arguing with his ugly wife Camilla!

According to a new report from America’s Globe magazine, the pair got into a furious row after Camilla insulted Charles’ dying mom, Queen Elizabeth.

“Camilla made drunken ugly remarks about Elizabeth,” a source said.

“Charles stormed out of the palace and fled to Switzerland.”

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  • day

    I do not belive that her Majesty the Queen is dying! How dare you make such statements, your low life filth and totally irresponsable rubbish is not only
    high treason but aslo illegal. Shame on you !!

  • toon

    What a PILE!! The QUEEN will NEVER give up the throne till she dies. She is in very good health and proves it by all her travels.
    Yellow Journalism always creates lies about the famous.