Rachel Zoe Blames Bravo

Saturday, March 23, 2013

RACHEL Zoe has blamed executives at Bravo for her reality show The Rachel Zoe Project, tanking in the ratings.

The furious fashionista believes running her former assistant, and stylist to the stars, Brad Goreski’s show immediately after hers has damaged her own series.

“Rachel thinks it was a very calculated maneuver by Bravo to run Brad’s show after hers, and thinks it’s negatively impacting her fashion empire. Brad has been portrayed in the press in a very sympathetic way, and an all around nice guy,” a source said.

“Rachel believes that Brad’s show running after hers is just a negative reminder to their bad break-up when he quit working for her to embark out on his own.

“Rachel doesn’t want anything to do with Brad, and having his show run after hers is just a slap in the face. This is her fifth season and she has given 150% of herself to making her show a success.

“She is extremely stressed out by the entire situation. Rachel hates to lose anything, and is very, very competitive. If Brad’s show gets expanded from 30 minutes to an hour, like hers, well watch out, the claws will really come out!”