Chelsea Clinton to Adopt a Baby From Africa?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

CHELSEA Clinton is planning to adopt a baby from Africa.

The former First Daughter, 33, de­cided on the surprising maternity plan after watching both parents — Bill and Hillary Clinton — battle potentially deadly health problems while she’s struggled to get pregnant.

“After years of worrying that she’d lose her dad Bill to a heart attack, Chelsea flipped out when her mom Hillary was hospitalized with a blood clot near her brain,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“The clot was successfully treated and Hillary is out of the woods, but the incident made Chelsea realize that life can turn on a dime.”

Bill — who had emergency quadruple bypass surgery in September 2004 and had two stents inserted in a clogged heart artery in February 2010 — has confessed that he longs for grand­children.

“I’m determined to live to be a grandfather,” the 66-year-old politi­cian admitted in a candid TV inter­view last October. “But I just think the older you get, the more you want every year to count.”

“Since the interview, Chelsea has been more determined than ever to give her parents a grandchild as soon as possible – and adopting an African baby is her new maternity plan,” said the source.

“Besides that, her parents will be over the moon. In light of the fam­ily’s humanitarian values, nothing could be more rewarding than for Chelsea to give a needy baby a for­ever home.

“Chelsea has a heart of gold, and recently everything – from her parents’ health crises, to her and Marc’s inability to conceive and her family’s special devo­tion to the black community – came together in her mind.

“She realized that adopting an African child would be a good idea if she couldn’t get preg­nant.

“And as the daughter of a former president and former secretary of state, she can cut some corners when it comes to the red tape of the adoption process.

“For now, Chelsea is doing ev­erything she can to jump-start the adoption process. It’s possible a child could be selected in the next few months.”

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  • Bonnie Baker Raymond

    How noble, what about adopting kids from the USA?

  • rightandright

    Ulterior motives and lies just like her demented, perjuring mom and dad.

  • Ted

    There are plenty of american children to be adopted,but I guess these famous people have to look like they are not Racist.A political thing because we have a black president,the only reason hes still here is because the democrats are afraid of being call racist.

  • roc

    so many american babies who need love and adoption,why africa,there is politics behind this,bill the first black president,his wife running in 2016 ,daughter with black baby,black votes,oh yes it all falls in line when you think about it

  • JollyRancher

    Why couldn’t Chelsea Clinton adopt a black child here in the
    United States? Is she saying that black children in the United States have it
    much better than those on the entire continent African and don’t need good homes? Has any of the left-wing mediums asked her why she has to outsource and leave our children

  • Jett Blus

    Why give birth when there are so many children in the U.S. fost/adopt system? Because it’s your CHOICE. Are the kids who need a forever family in Africa/Asia/So.America/world any less deserving of love. Love comes from the heart not from a specific continent.

  • 88

    gunna adopt obama?

  • Wileen Byroads

    We don’t have enough needy children to adopt here in the USA?