Sarah Jessica Parker Losing Her Style Icon Crown?

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

SARAH Jessica Parker is losing her status as a fashion icon!

The Sex and the City star is determined to bring back a trend she started on the hit HBO show back in the ’90s — but pals predict it’ll be a bust.

SJP wants to design her own range of socks to wear with heels.

“Sarah might have been one of the most imitated and admired style icons 10 years ago, but that’s not the case anymore,” a source said.

“And this socks-with-heels obsession will only damage what fashion credibility she has left.

“Now she wants to make one more push to see if she can turn it into a craze.

“She’s already designing her own line of socks, and she’s even got her 3-year-old twin girls Tabitha and Loretta helping. It’s great for mommy-daughter bonding, but Sarah really needs to put this sock business to rest.”

While Sarah is widely regarded as a fashion icon, few people realize that Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field played a major role in her fashion evolution, according to the source.

“Without Patricia, Sarah didn’t have a clue,” said the insider, “and her socks-with-heels trend will just never take off the way she hopes. It’s just too childish for today’s fashionistas.”


  • cleangarry

    Icon for horses.

    • jilly

      Hi Garry, have you ever watched Sex and the City? She really was a fashion icon on that show which was next to Friends the best show ever!

      • Toby

        Heeeeey, what about “Leave it to Beaver!!!”

      • jilly

        Okay, Toby loves shows from 30 years ago and Garry loves Cynthia Nixon, really guys??? :)

      • cleangarry

        She is not a beaittch, and she is a good actress, but her FACE….
        I’m sorry… :)
        She deserves better one…
        (I don’t like Sex and the City. And Syntia Nixon is more attractive for me. Despite she she is lesbian) :)

      • jilly

        She is one of those that has no good features (except her eyes) but with make up and right hair, stunning…

  • Elmo

    She was pretty when she was younger, now, not so much.

    • jilly

      You’re right, she is almost 50 now. She was really hot looking in Sex and the city though. The curly hair, the outfits and of course the SHOES, OMG those shoes…

  • eapk