Bill Clinton Has Aids Test?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

BILL Clinton has undergone a secret AIDS test.

The former President of America went to the doctors after learning the terrifying news that a former lover has died from the dreaded disease.

“Bill is desperate to hide the alarming situation from wife Hillary,” a source told America’s Globe magazine.



  • James Lookretis

    so good.

  • tifa

    Is this real? Mr. Clinton be well please

    • Geno


  • Anonymous

    What’s the worry? He didn’t inhale and he CERTAINLY didn’t have sex with those women! Have we determined what Slick Willie’s definition of AIDS is?

    • Yurgon Eeetmysheet

      Yeah, Colin powell went deep

  • Anonymous

    I’m Shocked! Shocked I tell you!!!!!

  • Yurgon Eeetmysheet

    Oh, man! If they both had it that would be appropriate. Two criminals who murdered Vince Foster. Just like those two lawyers who fooled the scared jury for OJ died of that horrible cancer.