Nicki Minaj: American Idol’s Savior?

Monday, April 15, 2013

NICKI Minaj thinks she’s the only one who can save American Idol.

The rapper believes she’ll be able to make the 12-year-old show a success again fter it hit a shocking all-time ratings low in late March.

Nicki blames her fellow judges — Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson — for making the FOX series tired and boring.

“Nicki believes she’s the one carrying the show,” a source said.

“She’s had enough of the fans’ online hatred because she feels she’s the only one who is at least trying to make the show more interesting.

“Off-camera Nicki doesn’t pull any punch­es. She believes Mariah sends viewers to sleep with her dialed-back per­formances, and she says, Keith sits on the fence far too often and gives half-hearted compli­ments to practically every contestant. As for Randy – Nicki says he’s the same old Randy.

“Nicki also thinks that Keith is too concerned about his public image to be brutally honest with contestants, and that after 11 years Randy’s ‘dawg’ shtick is just plain worn out.

“Besides the zany outfits and her big personality, she’s constantly thinking about ways to make the show more edgy.

Idol fans who despise feisty Nicki have launched a Facebook page dedicated to giving her the boot – but even that will help the show.

“Nicki is the only one people are talking about. You never hear anything about Randy, Keith or Mariah because there is nothing interesting to say.

“The producers need to put more caffeine in their drinks to pep them up. Nicki may be the most hated judge on ‘Idol,’ but she’s still the show’s standout star – and right now they need all the publicity they can get.”[imagebrowser id=90]



  • queen Minaj

    Nicki is the only reason idol still have ratings


      ahahahah joke of the day

  • Meri Ross

    Sorry, I totally disagree. I am watching this year ONLY because Keith Urban is on the show. In fact, most of the time when Nicki starts speaking and posing I mute her or turn the channel. Is Keith tough on the contestants? No, he’s HONEST. He knows exactly what it take to make it in the music industry and have a sustained and successful career and he gives advice based on that knowledge. I’m shocked at some of the classic songs that Nicki admits to never hearing. Keith’s musical beginnings are rooted in country but he crosses all genres with his tastes and who and what he’ll listen to. Nicki judges so much on looks instead of talent. Listen to her, at least 75 percent of the time she mentions how the singer looks before anything else. Keith is a musician and artist. If Keith chooses to continue with Idol I will probably watch, otherwise I’ll turn the channel like I have for the last six or seven years.

    • youngdust

      honey thats because you’re a fan. They’re talking about the general public. If you’re a fan of anyone on a show you’re obviously gonna watch it for them but we’re talking about a show as a whole. and Keith doesn’t have the balls to give true honest critiques and him Randy, mariah need to make it back to the retirement homes. well maybe not keith but the other two. we need fresh faces out here.


    This is a VEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY unreliable source. You can count on 1 hand the # of people she discloses her personal information to about her coworkers. These people are around her almost 24/7 at that. Though she likely does feel this way, especially considering it’s the truth, You can believe she wouldn’t go around talking about it so loose lipped while still on the show and still in talks for a return next season

  • Tracy

    Where did you get this information from, show us a video to show that this information is true, because I’m not buying any of it.

  • jilly

    I’m not a Nicki fan but I must say, she is the most interesting judge on the show. She says it the way it is and that’s why these people are there. The others, specially Mimi, try to be nice to the contestants, no matter what!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but Mariah Carey owned last week with her Glitter Bomb and Kelly Clarkson banter. I didn’t even like her until then, but now I’m obsessed.

    • Anonymous

      The problem with Mariah is that she eats up WAY to much air time. Nicki Minaj says in 10 words what she says in 100.

    • dh

      Last week we got to see a touch of the real Mariah, without the burden of Nicki’s negative presence, but for just a few mariah MOMENTS!

      • Anonymous

        Oh please. Nicki doesn’t have a negative presence. She just says what we all really think.

  • Anonymous

    Nicki is the reason ratings have dropped. Get rid of her and the ratings will go back up. That’s what many many views have stated on most of the blogs out there. She sure is full of herself, isn’t she? Well I got news for her, she’s not the reason people watch. Keith Urban has given honest and helpful crtiques to the contestants. Not in a crude way, but an honest respectful way. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Anonymous

    My parents (after watching all seasons of Idol) like Nicki Minaj better than Simon Cowell. She’s young, super quirky and energetic, and is unpredictable. Her critique is spot on. The contestants really only listen to her advice on the panel.

  • dh

    Stupid Nicki didnt pick Candice Glover in her top 3; yet she thinks her judging skills are far superior than Mariah’s?
    Nicki needs to grow up and keep her little heart open & her big mouth shut.

    • Anonymous

      Was her the only one who didnt pick Candice though??? Why are you picking and hating on her?

  • TheVoiceOfReason

    But why doesn’t she try to save her career first ?


      U can’t polish a turd!

  • TheTruth

    Nicki is ghetto, has no manners, tries to steal the spotlight in her clown outfits. SHE is the reason Idol has lost MANY viewers and plunged in ratings. Just listen to her whiney annoying voice…it will make you cringe.

  • TheTruth

    This article is a joke….and has no basis. If they were to interview the viewers of Idol, viewers would say they NO LONGER WATCH Idol because of gross Nicki.

  • Carole Toney

    She’s be OK if she didn’t speak. Her voice is the worst ever to listen to! Is she speaking through her nose or her mouth?

    • Anonymous

      God gave her her voice, she didn’t asked for it. Stop hating on her for something she cant control.

  • Charles Ross

    drop hicky she can always do penthouse, but she has no talent. another kid from the block using shit like rap to get know. rap is not art it is garbage developed so no talent people could become famous. and all the no talented people helped make it famous. rap is crap and nicky aint where its at. so nicky take your sticky hair and get off the air cause the peoples who count want to stamp you out. hahahhaha hit the road jack and dont come back unless it is penthouse layout.


    She is trash. People do not watch because she is a clown, acts and dresses to play the part perfectly. Clowna$$ waste of space and money

  • Theo Romano

    sorry Nick fans but she isn’t all that. who does she think she is by saying all negative things about Keith, Miriah,and Randy &how she is saving the show. i dislike her very much. if she is a judge next year i won’t be watching Idol till she leaves. i love the last 5 contestants. tough call to make but i like Kree. i like them all but Kree is my favorite. Get lost Nicki

    • Anonymous

      Did you hear this from her mouth? Stop believing everything you read.

  • pita000

    She is an ugly nig,,,period. Her fat ass and mouth make one want to vomit. And, is it me or has Carey become more nigerized(new word).

  • Theo Romano

    i also want to say she is always asking the guys if they r married what’s up with that

  • Joan Woodbury

    It has to be hard for Mariah listen to Nicki insult her all the time.She don’t like Mariah because she is so much better then Nicki will ever be

  • azgal246

    Please get rid of her! Like Now!!