NeNe Leakes Wants Jane Lynch Off Glee!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

NENE Leakes hopes Jane Lynch will leave Glee when her contract comes to an end — because she wants more screen time.

FOX recently announced that the program will be renewed for a fourth season, but doubt has remained about the future of 52-year-old Lynch’s character Sue Sylvester, who took responsibility for a terrifying school shooting, which ultimately cost her her job.

“While Jane is still negotiating the terms of her contract, NeNe has made it known that if Jane doesn’t come back it could only mean her role would expand,” a source said.

“It was an awkward statement for her to make, but it’s true because Ryan Murphy, the show’s creator, simply adores her. You’ve got to hand it to NeNe — she may be blunt, but she’s honest.

“Jane was kind of hoping the series would bow out quietly before it really jumped the shark.

“If Jane doesn’t come back for season 4 NeNe’s confidant she’ll get more air time and that means a bigger pay day for her.

“To use NeNe’s own words, she’ll still be a b*tch, but a richer one.”