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James Garner: Dead in a Matter of Weeks?

Posted by Adam

ACTING legend James Garner only has a few short weeks to live after suffering another debilitat­ing stroke, according to a new report.

The TV star was surrounded by family and a few close pals at his Brentwood, Calif., home on April 7 to mark his 85th birthday, but sources say it was a somber celebration.

“James is fading fast,” a source said.

“(His wife) Lois and the rest of his family want to make him as comfortable as possi­ble. They want to see him live out his final days at home, not in a hospital.

“He’s made it longer than anyone expected, but he’s very ill, and his friends are afraid he could be gone in a few weeks.

“He never recov­ered from the first stroke, and the sec­ond stroke, which was hushed up, (and) only weakened him more.

“He’s been cheating death for a long time.

“James loves Lois and their daugh­ters, but he’s fought the good fight. He’s ready to join others he dearly misses.”


  • Charles Ross

    he was one of the greats,

  • Paul Featherstone

    I always love to watch his movies.

  • Jonny Fortunato

    That will a sad day: hes always been one of my favorites! Back when actors had real class.

  • Henry Blanchard

    he was one of my favorites who could play ( act ) any part that was given to him. he will sadly be missed when the good Lord calls him home.

  • Joan Hager

    Good man as well as accomplished actor – He should have run for governor in 1990 – Hope this article is wrong and he has much more time

    • Dave Roy

      this is one actor that truly deserves respect, no one comes close to the talent this man has. i grew up with the rockford files

      • Tod Lindley

        Jimmys The Man

  • Anonymous

    It’s been 2 months now since this article was written and “Rockford” is still kicking it! Stop referring to him in past tense – he’s liable to out live us all!

  • Anonymous

    Still alive thank goodness

  • Huskystar

    He is still alive…we are praying for you James

  • ymond747

    A true legend loved his portrayal of jim Rockford pure class best wishes james.

  • ron

    I liked him anything he did, seemed like a decent man! I met him when I was just young man working in food service, in either Mayer studio’s or MGM Studio’s, when,he was making a western, with I think Sidney Poitner, Duel In Diablo? He was a big man in his prime then and just was very nice, he was a big star then, but, stood in line for his food like all the crew. Plus, I followed him in everything he did from then on. Keep on fighting the good fight Mr. Garner.

  • duke

    great actor love his films got all his rockford series and movies will be a sad day when he dies lets hope it a long time coming thinking of him and family

  • Jean Bailey

    My favorite movie is Murphy’s Romance. He had 3 lines in that movie that really crack me up: “I don’t give a didly shit”, “tell them we had a pissing contest and you won” and when Sally Fields (Emma) lit his birthday cake she wanted to know how old he was and he just said, “Set the damn thing on fire”. A drop dead georgeous young man and still handsome in his later years. When he departs from this earth he will be sorely missed by millions of fans.

  • Jean Bailey

    He met his wife and only knew her 14 or 15 days and got married and they are still together and never did you hear any bad publicity ever about him and his family and that is a rarity these days in the Hollywood culture! God Bless you Mr. Garner, we all pray that love you and hang in there.

  • Tod Lindley

    The Very Best of Luck to you Mr James Garner, and thank you for all your unequalled entertainment, you are my idol, The Rockford Files just Rocks my world

  • Another Ford more years

    Mr Garner always knew how to make people feel happy to be alive.

    Just a great man. May you live to 100 sir. Absolute admiration for you