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Kristen Stewart Puts Robert Pattinson First!

Posted by Adam

KRISTEN Stewart is desperate to work with Robert Pattinson again.

The actress apparently dropped out of upcoming movie Focus because she’s keen to team up with Rob for another film.

“Kristen did not leave because of the age difference between her and Will Smith,” a source said.

“She didn’t have any problem at all with Ben Affleck’s age, and he’s 40 years old.

“Initially, Kristen was really excited about doing the project, but now she just wants to keep her options open and wants to focus on her relationship with Rob.

“Filming Focus would have conflicted with spending time with Rob, and she doesn’t want to take any chances.

“She meant it when she said Rob was her number one priority. Her dream job, right now, would be to work on another film with Rob. Then they could be together all the time.”

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  • stacy

    Right next to Rupert…

  • Stella

    Oh give the Rupert digs a rest! Its time to move on to another story, you think?!!!!

  • court jester

    Focus didnt happen because they didnt pick her.

  • Toby

    Focus didn’t happen, because all world wonder boy, Camebridge Ma homey Ben, reconsidered he could not fit it in his precious tight schedule….After she was chosen, and getting set to rock and roll with the new script…

    • jilly

      Toby News is the only one that I believe! Love to have a reliable source on KS. :)