Robert Pattinson Urged to Dump Kristen Stewart!

Friday, April 19, 2013

ROBERT Pattinson has been urged to dump girlfriend Kristen Stewart!

Rob’s new pal, actor Vince Vaughn — the pair struck up a friendship recently while discussing a new film project — apparently told the Twilight star to ditch the cheating actress.

“When Rob described how he took Kristen back after she cheated, Vince said, ‘That’s a mistake – a big one,’” a source revealed.

“He told Rob he knows how easy it is to fall into a routine, but when your girl cheats on you, you should take that as a sign that you should probably end things.

“Vince said he and Jennifer [Aniston] had a great time together [with their on-set romance] but he can’t imagine settling down with someone at 26, like Rob is doing – especially someone who cheated on him… Vince told Rob he was 40 before he was done sowing his wild oats.

“Vince got him thinking, for sure… but there’s a level of comfort he has with Kristen that he’s scared of losing.”



  • marie
  • Court jester

    Nothing will save pattinson hes a dupe. Stewart is only staying with him till something better comes along. She has had no film offers since she ruined the marriage of her last directors house hold. No one wants to work with her. She is identified as a house wrecker. No wife in the buisness wants their husband near her. Thats why she wants to do a picture with mr. Wimpy. Ha ha! She cant a ct either . Vince vaughn is right. Dump her as quickly as you can.
    His career is shot and she ruined it for him. She needs to find another patsey, but i doubt that will work. Everyone knows her m.o.

    • stacy

      KS is a nasty homewrecker whore and I hope she never gets hired for another movie.