Anne Hathaway to Ditch Her Dog!?

Friday, April 19, 2013

ANNE Hathaway might be…. heartless!

According to a new report by America’s Star magazine, the actress wants to replace her faithful Labrador, Esmeralda, because the pup isn’t hip enough for Hollywood.

“Anne really wants a ‘stylish young puppy’ she can play and interact with… she says she just can’t bond with a dog that’s half-dead – it’s not quite the glamorous look she’s going for now that she’s won an Oscar,” a source said.

“It just shows out of out of touch Anne is getting. Friends think it’s horrifically sad and worry that her obsession with her image is taking over everything – even her humanity.”


  • jilly

    What a bitch…Hip dog, what the hell is that???

    • Tom

      This is totally fake, you honestly believed it? God people are dense these days.

      • Stacy

        With Ann, you never know. She is a dull bitch with no soul!

      • Elmo

        Seconded. Anne Hathaway FTW. And also if it is true, how do you know it’s for the reasons this tells you? Maybe she’s afraid she’ll be too busy with her career to take care of the dog.

  • daisybu

    What an ugley creep she is !!