Mischa Barton Piling on The Pounds

Thursday, April 25, 2013

MISCHA Barton‘s friends fear she’s already washed up at the age of 27.

Sources say the actress — whose career nosedived when The O.C. was canceled in 2007 — is piling on the pounds so fast that no one will want to give her work!

“Mischa’s friends are terrified she’s using food to cope with her problems,” revealed a close source.

“She went from being one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses to a relative nobody, and it has taken an extreme toll on her confidence.”

The source says the actress is strapped for cash and is stuck with a costly eight-bedroom house. She purchased the 7,607-square-foot white elephant in 2005 during the height of her fame and the real estate boom, and she unsuccessfully tried to unload it in 2010 and 2011. Now, she’s desperately trying to rent it out, but she’s had no luck because she’s asking a staggering $27,000 a month.


  • Anonymous

    This whole article is a lie; “sources say” is code for “I say, but am afraid to attach my name because I have no corroboration.”

    • Elmo

      Seconded. I hate it when they just say things about “sources” without any further detail.

  • D

    this is just mean and a lie. she just landed another film role two weeks ago and has another film premiering at Cannes in May. such bullshit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Michael-Grey/100001308117491 Michael Grey

    She is NOT fat and looks beautiful. Adam is probably some 300 lb dweeb behind computer who should not talk.