Kristen Stewart Wants to Marry Robert Pattinson?

Monday, April 29, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1229]KRISTEN Stewart has been telling friends she’s ready to settle down with boyfriend Robert Pattinson.

According to a new report, the actress — who cheated on Rob with director Rupert Sanders — revealed to her pals while at Coachella on the weekend of April 12 that she’s ready to take the plunge.

According to Britain’s Grazia, K-Stew was overheard confiding in her gal pals, saying, “Rob and I will get married”.

Kristen was also sporting a ring at Coachella that’s allegedly a “commitment ring” given to her by Rob for her birthday. They aren’t married just yet, but they are definitely committed to each other.

“Before the thing with Rupert [Sanders], Kristen played hard to get. Not anymore. She is going out of her way to prove herself,” a source said.

Recent reports claimed Rob was urged to dump Kristen.

Rob’s new pal, actor Vince Vaughn — the pair struck up a friendship recently while discussing a new film project — apparently told the Twilight star to ditch the cheating actress.

“When Rob described how he took Kristen back after she cheated, Vince said, ‘That’s a mistake – a big one,’” a source revealed.

“He told Rob he knows how easy it is to fall into a routine, but when your girl cheats on you, you should take that as a sign that you should probably end things.

“Vince said he and Jennifer [Aniston] had a great time together [with their on-set romance] but he can’t imagine settling down with someone at 26, like Rob is doing – especially someone who cheated on him… Vince told Rob he was 40 before he was done sowing his wild oats.

“Vince got him thinking, for sure… but there’s a level of comfort he has with Kristen that he’s scared of losing.”


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  • Gloria

    Yell that story turn out to be a false report, goosipcop check in to it and found that was not even true, so quti lieing and check your resources again before printing.
    Even I knew this was not true, so give it up and leave Kristen alone and let Robert and Kristen get on with their lives like they are doing now leave them be.
    From a fan a true fan heres wishing them both thet very best and wishing them good luck and best wishes to both love these two. So again good luck to both.

  • sandra rose villaluz

    parents should stay out of thier young adults romance, you should support them not make thier love feel belittled. thats something that goes without saying. you keep putting space between them the space is going to stay between the family and hin. rob is a good son and you havent even given her time to really get to know each other, you all need to stop involving yourselves it certainling dosent make anyone look good