Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton to Split????

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards - Press RoomMIRANDA Lambert and Blake Shelton are on the verge of a split.

According to a new report, the pair — whose marriage has been rocked by rumors of an affair on Blake’s part — are becoming increasingly distant.

“Despite being married, Miranda and Blake are like two ships passing in the night,” a source said.

“Between their touring schedules and public appearances, they’re actually together only about 50 days a year. That’s no way to run a marriage — and suspicions and jealousies creep up between them.”

Miranda is green with envy over Blake’s decision to bring Sheryl Crow onto The Voice as his guest mentor.

“Miranda lit into Blake. She bawled and screamed that he’s heartless, and he yelled back that she needs to chill out and trust him,” a pal said.

“Sheryl’s been texting and calling Blake during off-hours, and Miranda is extremely annoyed.

“Blake originally wanted Miranda to be his celebrity mentor this season, and of course the producers of The Voice were all for it.

“While she had to turn it down because there would have been conflicts with her touring schedule, it still became the cause of a few major arguments between them.

“Remember, Miranda and Blake began flirting with each other while he was still married. Blake and Miranda really need to make the effort to give their marriage time to blossom and grow. As it is now, they’re drifting further and further apart.”