Paula Deen’s Marriage on The Rocks?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Paula DeenPAULA Deen‘s reportedly getting divorced.

The TV cook — who has shed nearly 45 pounds and toyed with the idea of getting plastic surgery to tighten up her loose skin — has sparked speculation she’s set to split from husband Michael Groover.

“Paula is showing all the signs of someone who’s plotting to make a break from her mar­riage, and rumors are swirling all over Savannah (Ga.) that she and Michael are heading for Splitsville,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Quite a few peo­ple around town are suggesting maybe there’s a lot more to Paula’s drastic weight loss than a newfound health con­sciousness.”

Paula — who’s made a big deal about adopting a healthier lifestyle since an­nouncing she had Type 2 diabetes in early 2012 — had actu­ally been diagnosed with the disease years before.

“That has every­one wondering why she’s suddenly de­cided to drop all that weight now,” the source said.

Michael, 57, had previously suggested Paula undergo plastic surgery to look and feel her best, but Paula, 66, refused to consider it.

“Now,” said the source, “she seems to have done a com­plete about-face and is considering hav­ing the work done.

“There’s been talk of divorce for years, but Paula and Mi­chael have managed to stay together through thick and thin.

“Only time will tell what their future holds.”


  • Nightowl114

    are you people kidding me?? first you crucifer for how she cooks as being unhealthy..who said you had to eat all her foods anyways??? then she get raked over the coals for being diabetic and not telling…so she goes on a diet (which drs., say helps a huge amount in fighting diabeties,) So now we scandalize her for a truth statement she made in a court room we had nothing to do with,(someone went looking for that for a scandal) and now cuz shes actually lost the weight we are gonna say its because shes leaving her husband and has to look good to get another man?? whats wrong with this country picking apart all the celebraties??? don’t we have our own lives to lead?? I say knock it off and tend to your own business..celebraties are humans too..we all make mistakes.

    • Gingersnap

      I agree with nightowl114 !!! And the person giving up all this so called information is not a friend !!!! A real friend wouldn’t do that. I think someone is jealous and looking for a big pay off !!!! What a loser !!!!
      If Michael is divorcing her for all of this then he is not better than the so called friend and she is better off without him.
      Why doesn’t this so called friend come forward if you are telling the truth. A coward lurks in the shadows !!!