Camilla Parker Bowles Just Can’t Wait to be Queen

Friday, May 10, 2013

201320CAMILLA Parker Bowles has vowed to be Queen!

The horse-faced blonde (haha) — who’s married to Prince Charles — is desperate to sit on the Throne with her hubby — ahead of his son Prince William and his beautiful, pregnant wife Kate Middleton.

“Camilla has said, ‘I will be Queen!’” a source told American tabloid Globe magazine.

“The scheming royal has launched a scheming plot to seize power.”



  • Ted

    I hope not..

  • bill

    the nation does not want her!

  • aries

    Does Camilla have any royal blood to make her Queen other than her great-grandmother being an unmarried “consort” for one of Queen Victoria’s sons? I thought the best she can be is Princess Consort — similar to Prince Philip except he was truly royalty who gave up his title to marry Queen Elizabeth?

    • Cheryl Webb Clair

      I’m no expert but I think she can be Queen Consort as the Queen Mother was.

  • NK

    ***The British Royal family does not seem to have learned from their mistake of 30+ years ago, which lost them serious public support for a long time. When they mistreated Diana, a genuine, loving and popular soul, Britain was in outrage. The royal family is now making another major mistake, this time on the other end of the spectrum, by accepting ‘atrocious’ in their mix.

    Camilla is a despised adulterer, a selfish mother with drug addicted kids, and an intense and ambitious schemer who only wants to become Queen. She has no substance and is more than willing to sacrifice the monarchy in the long run.

    What will Prince Charles’ legacy be?

  • Edward Whalley

    Hail Camilla!