Doris Day Hiding Bizarre Secret?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Doris DayDORIS Day has been hiding a bizarre secret inside her California mansion from her fans.

According to a new report from American tabloid Globe, a former employee of Doris’ claims the 89-year-old actress is concealing something within the walls of her home.

The former employee also talks about the baby heartbreak that still torments the Pillow Talk star.

Reports earlier this year claimed the movie star is courageously battling a painful, crippling illness.

In a new interview, the 90-year-old star’s former aide who reveals Doris’ lonely last days — and the surprise recipients he says will get her vast $34 million fortune.

Biographer David Kaufman once revealed that Day insists friends call her Clara and avoid all talk about her image as America’s sweetheart.

“She feels so completely disassociated from who Doris Day was,” he said back in 2008.

“She signs her notes as Clara, she answers the phone as Clara.”

Kaufman claims Clara is a nickname she was given by her Tea For Two co-star Billy DeWolfe. Day’s birth name is Doris Mary Ann Von Kappelhoff.[imagebrowser id=1038]


  • Ted

    Happy Birthday sweety

  • PaintLt


  • PaintLt

    love ya

  • Seven

    Your son Terry Melcher was a Drug Dealer you know it. Doris Day you were in on it too and the Police know.

    • jimmel

      She brought more joy and happiness than most people including” seven.”
      Clara ( Doris) dealt in the good things of life.


    Thank you for all the wonderful memories. Shame on those that would try to take that away from you. You will always be Doris Day to me, and you shed a lot of sunshine around when we really needed it. God bless you.