Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Talk Marriage

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"PUNK: Chaos to Couture" Costume Institute Gala - ArrivalsTIGER Woods and Lindsey Vonn might be getting married!

However, the pair already seem to be coming to blows over money — downhill alpine skier is making sure she’s taken care of if they even­tually take a walk down the aisle by having her say in a prenup!

“Tiger’s relationship with Lindsey has moved quickly. The two have gotten so serious they’re already thinking about a wedding and kids,” a source to the National Enquirer.

“During a heart to heart about their future in early May, Tiger swore he’s a changed man and told Lindsey that he wants to buy her a ring this summer.

“Tiger also casually mentioned that he’d al­ready contacted his lawyers about drawing up a prenup to protect his assets.

“Lindsey told Tiger that she’d marry him, but said that she wants half of his $600 million fortune if they divorce.

“And as insurance against him straying, Lindsey warned Tiger that he’ll also have to sign an agree­ment to give her a lump sum of $20 million for every incidence of cheating.

“Tiger thought he could protect his fortune with a prenup after Elin took him to the cleaners. But Lindsey is a smart cookie, and she’s making Tiger put his money where his mouth is.”


  • Robert

    This news is totaly false.
    Lindsey Vonn told anything like that.
    She is a family girl. She is not a BITCH and neither a baby-sitter.
    She is a olympic champion! Camon!

  • Anonymous

    I seriously doubt that LV will get half of Tiger’s fortune!!! Elin only got 1/5 of his fortune after being married six years to Tiger in spite of being the mother of his two children that were under three years old when they divorced!!!

  • Karen Lagace

    if she marries him,she’s nuts,I would be afraid to get an STD