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George Clooney and Stacy Keibler Still Together!

Posted by Adam

George Clooney Attends the German Media Prize Award (Deutscher Medienpreis) in Baden-Baden on February 26, 2013GEORGE Clooney and his girlfriend Stacy Keibler are still together — despite speculation to the contrary.

Even though the pair haven’t haven’t been photographed together since March 16 — and Clooney pal Mark Wahlberg recently appeared to spill the beans on a breakup when he told Germany’s Focus magazine last week, “George has it good. He’s single” — sources insist all is well between Clooney and Keibler.

“Mark meant that George doesn’t have kids. George and Stacy are still together,” a source said.

Reports in March claimed George was about to dump Stacy — because he’s been showering her with gifts.

“When he starts buying you things, it’s his way of letting you down easy,” a source said.

Before George dumped his most recent ex,  Elisabetta Canalis, he paid up the one-year lease on her home.

Lately George has bought Stacy several pieces of pricey jewelry and increased her monthly allowance to $25,000. The couple have also been dating for about a year and a half, which is known to be George’s ultimate time limit.

“Just when the girl thinks she’ll be the one he finally marries, he says goodbye,” a source said.[imagebrowser id=1230]

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  • Guest

    Dude is gay. The girls are props. He was married once, tried to go straight, tried to do the “normal” thing, but was terrible at it, cheated and broke the poor woman’s heart. He vowed to never do that to another woman and the man never has, so he’s got a good soul. How can anyone not know this by now?