John Edwards Moving in With Rielle Hunter

Thursday, May 30, 2013

John EdwardsJOHN Edwards is a naughty man!

The shamed politician has decided to break a deathbed promise to his late wife Elizabeth by moving his former mis­tress Rielle Hunter and their love child Quinn into the family home.

“This has got to be one of John’s worst ideas ever,” a source said.

“Since he’ll be traveling a lot for work, John didn’t want to also be shuttling back and forth between his house in Chapel Hill and Rielle’s place in Charlotte.

Edwards’ younger children with his late wife — Jack, 13, and Emma Claire, 15 — have bonded with Rielle and her daugh­ter Quinn, 5, and don’t seem to mind.

“But Cate and Elizabeth’s family, especially her sister Nancy, can’t stand the idea,” the source added.

“Cate knows how much her mother hated Rielle. Elizabeth must be spinning in her grave.

“They don’t really care that John sees Rielle. But moving the woman who tore Elizabeth’s family apart into the home that she crafted into a safe haven is disgusting to them.”


  • Anonymous

    Thank you, Rielle! You did so much good for us all as you helped show the world who this Edwards guy really is.

    • Anonymous

      Probably the only good thing one can say about Rielle Hunter is if not for her, the world would have gone on thinking John Edwards is a decent human being.

      Thanks, Rielle. You’ve exposed to the universe your baby daddy as the piece-of-garbage he truly is. Your book gushing about him is hilarious.
      “He’s just SO REAL” Freaking hilarious!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Great to see!!! It’s WONDERFUL that John Edwards is finally getting on with his life, after having been stuck with that tramp, Elizabeth, so long.
    I’m sure he will have a lovely and happy life now.

    • Anonymous

      The late Mrs. Edwards, was the “tramp?”

      What name would you use to describe Rielle Hunter? Oh yes, now that Johnny is shunned from America forever I can see why he’d be blissfully happy in his “lovely” life with the woman who destroyed his entire family, his amazing career, his reputation, his entire life.

      May these two narcissist psychopaths ride off into the sunset together – and may we never hear from either of these losers again.

      • Judith

        John destroyed John’s career, family, and life – as it was John who decided to not only cheat, but to start a continuing affair, with Rielle that got increasingly flagrant and obvious.

    • Anonymous

      elizabeth the tramp?? huh?? move along now little kid……

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe for one second Cate Edwards would tolerate her father moving the mentally disturbed psycho in Elisabeth’s house – with Elizabeth’s younger children. After all, Rielle Hunter wrote an entire book calling Elizabeth Edwards, vile, crazy, abusive – and that her marriage to John Edwards was a complete sham for 30 years. Just the fact Hunter slaughtered the memory of Elizabeth Edwards to her two younger children is the most disgusting thing I ever heard of and Rielle Hunter is the dirty tramp who who picked up a very married man in a bar and banged his brains out in a hotel an hour later.

    Then she bought him a bootie call phone, got herself all knocked-up on purpose, which led to a dying wife having to throw her husband out of the house. Rielle Hunter is a piece of garbage. No way should Elizabeth’s children be subjected to that.

    If Cate Edwards has anything more to do with her pond-scum father if infact he moved Hunter into Elizabeth’s home – I’d be very surprised.

    • Alex127

      Don’t you instead think that Cate Edwards should be entitled to having her own life, with her husband and the family she created, instead of supervising, coaching and controlling who his father (now widowed) spends time with?

      • Anonymous

        Of course Cate Edwards is entitled to her own life. What’s that got to do with her looking after her younger siblings? If Cate’s senseless father has the audacity to move the woman who destroyed their family, then wrote a scathing book meant to tarnish the memory of Elizabeth Edwards, into the Edwards family home, Cate should have plenty to say about that. Rielle Hunter should not be involved in Elizabeth Edwards children’s lives in an way, shape or form.

        Cate may have no say in the trash her father sees in his own time, but if her father slaps her siblings in the face bringing Rielle Hunter around – she should have plenty to say about that. John Edwards judgement is obviously in the toilet. Cate does need to look after his siblings. Her father was never a good family man.

        And just because he has an illegitimate kid (Quinn), she’s not Cate’s nor her real siblings problem. She’s John Edwards problem. Quinn is no excuse for them to be subjected to Quinn’s horrible mother.

      • Anonymous

        she did not “ruin john’s family”. edwards was the married one. he is the one who cheated on his wife. blame him. he is not a victim. he also deserves to move on. if he sits around waiting for his daughter and the public to give their approval for him to move on and date, he may be alone forever. the women is sorta goofy. i agree. she comes off as desperate. maybe a love sick puppy dog. but she obviously loves john and more then likely his kids. i think he could do worse.

      • Anonymous

        If Rielle Hunter had any love for John Edwards, she wouldn’t have hurt him by destroying his marriage and career by getting herself pregnant. Hunter was NO teenager, she knew damn well what she was doing. She’s a conniving, manipulative woman obsessed with getting her way.

        Edwards, like a lot of stupid men got duped.

        Elizabeth Edwards was a very accomplished woman in her own right. She had enormous pride in herself and her family. Still, she’d never let John Edwards treat her like garbage – the way Rielle Hunter allows John Edwards to treat her.

        Cate Edwards had the absolute best role-model for a mother. Poor illegitimate Quinn is stuck with a professional “mistress” for a mother who lives off her daughter’s child support, and a father ashamed of them both.

    • Judith

      Cate is the grownup of that family.

  • Elmo

    John Edwards is an absolutely disgusting man. He was running for president in 2008 too… Scary! He could have been president RIGHT NOW.

  • Anonymous

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones, you’all

  • Alex127

    It is not up to any of us to judge other people’s deeds. Whoever is without sins let him / her throw a stone. John Edward’s wife passed away 3 years ago. Apparently, while he was still married to her there was something missing for him in that marriage, otherwise he would have never turned to Rielle, or anyone else. His only mistake is that he did not given up the presidential race in time, which would have saved his reputation. Otherwise, what he does in his private life is his business. Now, some years later if John and Rielle still have a desire to be together let them be. It is their lives not yours. If they think it is easier for them to live together, it is none of your business. He is not running for a president and is widowed. She is single and they have a child together and 2 minors from his previous marriage that may at time need a mother figure. Cate Edwards is a young lady who faced life difficulties at an early age and had lots on her plate. She deserves to be left alone so that she can commit to having her own happiness and her own family. She will always be there for her young siblings, but is it fair to push her into being a mother to her siblings, while may want to be a mother herself. All of you who comment in this blog, think about all aspects before you trash or praise any party in this story.

    • Anonymous

      Rielle Hunter is the last person who should be a “mother figure” to Elizabeth Edwards’ children. They would be better off with NO mother figure than someone as immoral, selfish and classless as her. I disagree that John Edwards “only sin” was not bailing out of the Presidential race. He sinned plenty. Rielle Hunter is the one who keeps running to the media making John Edwards life and dirty laundry our business.

  • guest

    Posted on here that the Dr. told him if he did not quite drinking . He did not have much longer to live. Guess he’s trying to for get the way he cheated and disgraced his family.Go ahead and join Elizabeth where you will have to face her again. Then Rielle can hunt her another pocket book.

  • Anonymous

    john edwards and anthony weiner…..two men that we the people will never let them be involved in the political arena again,,,YAY victory!!!