Barbra Streisand Wows London

Monday, June 3, 2013

Barbra Streisand in Concert at the O2 Arena in London - June 1, 2013LONDONERS were spoilt for diva-choice on Saturday night when not one, not two, not three, oh you get the gist, huge female stars gave it their all across various locations in the Brit capital.

Over at Twickenham, a place normally associated with chunky thighs (that’s rugby, not Jennifer Lopez), the Chime for Change concert saw a whole bunch of popstars coming out and singing and/or chiming in the name of female empowerment.

There was Beyonce, there was Madonna, there was Florence and her Machine, plus the woman we mentioned in brackets. It was, by all accounts, a fun evening even though the Gucci party afterwards was, according to our mole, ‘very corporate’. James Franco was also ‘disappointingly short’, though Ryan Reynolds was ‘hot as f**k’.

And as that was going on, Barbra Streisand and her left leg were belting ‘em out over at the O2, where tickets were going for the price of a small Scottish island. Though with the profits going to charity and Babs’ voice on finer-than-fine form, we’re not complaining. Also, blue hand much?


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