John Travolta and Kelly Preston: Divorce Rumors Cause Actress to Collapse

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1127] JOHN Travolta‘s wife Kelly Preston is at her wit’s end with the scandal-plagued actor.

Sources say the actress, 50, is terrified she’ll lose custody of the couple’s two children to John in a potential divorce, and she collapsed after months of arguing over her husband’s gay scandals and their $220 million fortune, reports the National Enquirer.

“Things between Kelly and John are getting uglier by the day, and Kelly is cracking under the strain,” a source said.

“She gamely played along when John dragged her and their little boy Benjamin to Australia in early April. But she totally lost it a few days later during a vacation in Hawaii.

“Kelly was talking to a friend on the phone about her issues with John when she broke the news that a divorce is probably imminent.

“But then Kelly’s friend scared the life out of her by suggesting that if John gets angry enough over her leaving him, he could try to get custody of Benjamin and their daughter Ella Bleu.

“Kelly burst into tears, col­lapsed into a chair and started wailing, ‘I can’t take this! He’ll destroy me if I leave him! My life is over!’ Kelly moaned about not knowing how she’d carry on if her kids were taken away.

“Kelly’s life has revolved around John and the kids for years.

“And she’s faced one embar­rassment after another over John’s alleged gay hook-ups with men. It’s absolutely humili­ating for Kelly.

“But John’s a bully and he’s  made it clear to Kelly that if she files divorce papers, he’ll unleash the full wrath of his high-powered legal team on her.

“Kelly is already suffering from insomnia. She barely sleeps four hours a night, and sometimes she’s so down that she forgets to eat.

“She’s dropped a lot of weight, and some days Kelly can’t even motivate herself to leave the house. It’s a very sad situation.

“Kelly is stressed to the max. She’s barely holding it together. She put her heart and soul into filming (the sitcom pilot) ‘Keep Calm and Karey On,’ and by the time it was over, she was wrung out.

“Kelly is most upset because she’s stood behind him all these years and looked the other way over his gay trysts. She even showed up on cue when he needed it to seem like they are still a happy family.

“Kelly has been champing at the bit to re-establish herself in Hollywood.

“Especially with her mar­riage in tatters, Kelly wants to have her own career and income to fall back on. But John prefers to keep her like a caged bird, and the emotional strain finally caught up with her. After her frightening collapse, she took it easy and rested for a few days.

“But with divorce loom­ing, Kelly realizes the worst is still ahead.”


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  • pwebb94

    All she has to do is expose this gay relationships and problem solved…tell her to call Katie and see how she did it worked for her she got what she wanted and her child too.

    • Anonymous

      Except their are all these rumors yet no proof that any of these so called relationships happen. In a lawsuit against the last two it was proven that they were lying but that’s to positive for someone like you. You want to believe only bad things. How sad your life must be but believe me Kelly and John’s is not a sad life but a very happy one

  • moses

    Kelly hang in there! You are loved by so many!

    • Anonymous

      It really tells how sad you are to believe any of this or think Kelly has ever doubted John. Kelly has never doubted their love or marriage! I know this for a fact not some nebulous rumors intended to destroy a happy couple.

  • Katiepoops

    Don’t buy this story- unless she is a completely unfit mother (which it doesn’t seem she is) the courts would side with her for custody paticularly with infants. I hope she gets out unscathed.