Goldie Hawn is a Lovely Lady!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Goldie HawnGOLDIE Hawn broke down in tears when she was approached by a young man at the Beverly Hills Hotel’s swanky Polo Lounge.

The young man, who works at the hotel, thanked Goldie profusely for her fundraising efforts to fight AIDS, and confided that he was an AIDS survivor, but that his family had deserted him.

“Goldie was so touched she broke down in tears,” said an eyewitness.

“Unfortunately, a hotel security guy saw Goldie crying and assumed she was being harassed by one of their staff. A minute later, the guy  was surrounded and ushered away by security as the Polo Lounge manager profusely apologized for their employee’s behavior.”

Goldie instantly protested that the poor guy had done nothing wrong  – she’d been crying because of his touching story.

“The manager told Goldie he understood and promised the guy wouldn’t be reprimanded – but Goldie was taking no chances,” said the source.

“On her way out, she asked to speak to the hotel’s general manager, explained the situation and got an assurance that the guy wouldn’t lose his job!”