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Johnny Depp Urged NOT to Marry Amber Heard

Posted by Adam

Johnny DeppJOHNNY Depp‘s ex-girlfriend Vanessa Paradis has begged the actor NOT to marry his current squeeze Amber Heard.

Paradis, Johnny’s partner for 14 years before they split a year ago, is afraid that their two kids will grow too attached to Amber and get hurt when the relationship falls apart.

“Vanessa doesn’t care for Amber at all,” said a source.

“She’s convinced that Amber’s trying to get her hooks into Johnny and his money by getting him to propose.

“But Vanessa doesn’t believe it’s going to last, and that’s why she’s against Johnny marrying Amber. She thinks their kids will be crushed when the relationship goes south.

“Vanessa thinks he’s smitten because Amber’s so exotic and says he’ll grow tired of her.

“But before he does, he just might pop the question – and that’s the last thing Vanessa wants.”[imagebrowser id=1185]

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  • Betty

    well this is definitely a made up story, but yes, amber certainly wants money, fame, and stuff like this from johnny. he’s such a fool…but he will convince himself about this girl

  • Kara

    They meet since 2009 and they have been together as a couple for almost two years, of course Johnny sees something more than “she’s so exoctic” in Amber

  • mango

    Mrs Paradis had many different boyfriends since their break up and now she wants to rule Johnny’s life?!Come on!!!She doesn’t even has the wright!!!Anyway,i hope Johnny is happy with the person that he really wants to be with.He deserves it.(sorry for my english).

    • Manny

      She more than has the right, She has his children. And she is concerned for them and the time they spend with someone who publicly seems not even care about herself with shameless acts, much less care about him.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame that Johnny seems to be blind to Amber Heard’s true nature – she seems to be a very ambitious person, and out for all the fame, attention and money she can get. And since there’s no chance of her getting those things through her own talent (she hasn’t got any..) she appears to be using Johnny to attain them. Still, Vanessa Paradis doesn’t have any right to dictate what Johnny does or does not do – even if he IS making a huge, gargantuan mistake…

  • tega

    This is such BS. They filmed The Rum Diary in 2009. He said in interviews the kids were with him for a few months (probably on their summer break from school) which means they must have met Amber and which would also mean that she is no stranger to them. If reports are correct then then they have been dating for about two years now, maybe more. If she did break up with Johnny and he tried so hard to get her back then he obviously wants to be with her. He has always said he would have as many kids as Vanessa would be willing to give him. If him and Amber are talking kids maybe she wants to do it right by getting married first. It doesn’t make her any different than most women. If she gets pregnant before they get married people will say she did the same thing Vanessa did and if she doesn’t people will say she forced him into it. She can’t win either way. Nobody knows how long anything will last so I would rather just wish them well and hope for the best.

  • Tori

    Obviously I do not know any of them personally but from an outsider looking in this just seems like a good looking middle aged man with money falling for a good looking, out to get what she can much younger lady. He was in his 20′s when she was born. He comes across as shying away from fame and being something of a bohemian while she comes across as your average desperate for media attention celeb who’s now found a new way to get noticed. Still love is blind… for a while anyway.

  • Johnnydon’t

    Exotic? She’s a dime a dozen talentless gold digger from Texas, no less. And apparently very whiney. Yuck.

  • Maria Stringer

    He’s just another middle-aged man trying to hold onto his youth!

  • Maria Stringer

    There is nothing more dangerous than a 50 yr. old man, with money, battling Mother Time.

  • jess

    Well Vanessa should know! Johnny is really acting ridiculous over this no talent, fame seeking no body! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. He will tire of her when he percieves her as “OLD” and he will be on to the next one…

    • holy cow

      I agree but when she gets what she wants I believe at her age she will realize he is too “Old” for her. Come on what were we doing at 27 till now?

  • Jordan

    The talk around Hollywood is that Johnny Depp paid Guess to hire Amber Heard to be their latest spokes model.She certainly has proven that she can not act! Johnny promised Heard that he would make her famous. That is the only reason she is sticking with him.


    Her greed is getting so boring and his mid life crises excuse is just that, an excuse to act like a total douche.

  • mary

    WOW! You would think, after all time with Vanessa, Johnny, would of wise
    up! But this guy is going to have his heart broken, he is better off just being
    with his kids!

    • holy cow

      The only thing I know is 27 years old is too young for a 50 yr old person to be with. When someone is young enough to be your daughter or son……um well I think that answers itself right there. I bless them both but facts are facts. There have been some rough patches and that alone without any age difference is what is called a “Red Flag” meaning leave now because it will end anyway. And wasted time is wasted time when one can be looking for someone that does not create ill feelings of any kind.

  • Denise Latimer

    I read a bio of Johnny where he emphatically stated that one thing he would never do is abandon the mother of his children as his father did when he was growing up in Owensboro, KY. Depp is a phenomenal artist but he’s acting like a total hypocrite and major douche during his “I just turned 50 and am freaking out” middle life crisis – leaving the mother of his children after 14 years to take up with a vapid, talentless opportunist half his age. I’ve seen Ms. Heard on several late night talk shows and she was a huge bore – narcissistic, vapid and affected in her manner and speech. Hmmm…perhaps they ARE a perfect match??

  • Bobbi Baker

    I hope this rumor is untrue and wish health and happiness for all parties involved… especially the kids.

  • Luke

    Something is certainly off about this girl Amber. Even before she got with Johnny Depp I got a bad vibe from her. I thought she was using the “Gay” card as a P.R. stunt. Then she used the “Bi ” card then she used the ” I don’t need or want to be labeled” card .This statement was made right after she publicly came out! She contradicts herself constantly and when she opens that mouth she inevitably inserts that huge foot of hers. Now she is quite obviously using Johnny Depp and all of my first impressions are confirmed. She is the definition of an opportunist and will stop at nothing to get the fame she is so hungry for. She is not in love with Johnny Depp as a man or as a person, she is in love with what he can do for her. Full Stop.