Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: Nudists at Home!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1246] JENNIFER Aniston and Justin Theroux like to walk around their house naked!

Justin has been a longtime nudist, and now Jen has started to embrace her curves at home since her man persuaded her to join in on the fun.

A source says although the actress was hesitant at first, she now finds it extremely liberating.

“Both of them have incredible bodies, so it relaxes them more,” said the source.

“They spend entire days at home without any clothes on – and even cook naked.”

Meanwhile, Aniston’s wedding to Theroux has been put on hold!

A few months ago, arrangements were in full swing, says a source who speaks to Aniston often.

“Wedding bands were designed and Jen was deciding on a dress,” said the source.

Aniston, 44, and Theroux, 41, are overloaded with work commitments and a massive house renovation.

“The wedding talk has stopped,” said the source.

“There are other priorities [besides marriage].

“They need to figure out a way to create a life that makes them both happy.

“Jen can’t wait to be [Justin's] wife.”



  • Melinda Louise

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  • Elmo

    Sounds like an awesome way to save on laundry. I should condsider!


    She is cool!

  • Endy

    Stupid news.

  • jilly

    Someone needs to put a hidden camera in that house!

    • cleangarry

      Justin’s buddy-photographer.

  • cleangarry

    What about Jolie’s house? Naked nannies, guards – everyone…

    • jilly

      Jolie’s house would be the very X-RATED Porn house. Girl on girl, girl on the Dog and horse, girl by herself doing………No Brad in the picture, I’m sure!

      • cleangarry

        WTF ? My house is the best !

      • jilly

        It’s time to show off the new boobs! The WORLD wants to see the HERO’S new boobs! Her boobs used to be un-even and I’m sure saggy after three kids. It’s like the bitch is a war hero or something…

      • Dariella

        why are you 2 so obssessed with HOlie? just askin cause i dont see her name in this write-up. i love jen to pieces and i hate it when HOlie’s name is dragged in whenever there’s a story about jen. let’s not drag garbage in here ok? jen’s name should never be written with the Ho’s.

      • jilly

        You are an intelligent individual Dariella! You’re right, never mix Jen with HOlie. Unfortunately, stuPITT mixed her with that Ho a long time ago and it got stuck!