Demi Moore: ‘Ashton Kutcher Has a Small Penis’

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Demi MooreDEMI Moore has been getting her revenge on ex-husband Ashton Kutcher!

According to a new report, the actress has some revealing images of Ashton on her phone that appear to show he’s lacking in a certain department.

Demi had previously confided, the friend adds, that Ashton was sexy but not the most well-equipped lover she’s ever had.

“Demi is still hurting that Ashton cheated and then rebounded so soon after their split,” a friend says.

“It could just be the angle, but these photos don’t leave a big impression.”



  • Ted

    Join the party theres a lot of out there with the same thing, not a problem

  • Daniel Errett

    I believe it.

  • Ishkabibble

    He could be a grower, not a show-er.

  • cleangarry

    small for her deep mouth

    • jilly

      I’m sure Bruce Willis didn’t have that problem. It’s GIRLY Ashton who has no penis.

  • jilly

    I had a feeling that his is very small that’s why in Two and a half Men, they constantly say what huge penis he has, hahahahaha. Enjoy Mila!

  • gloriya

    May be she has too large vagina!!!!!

    • DaveB

      she has been around for a long time. its probably like a wishing well.

  • femme

    a 50 something actress leaking pictures of her ex?
    great example for her daughter.
    Class act.