Johnny Depp Gets Amber Heard a Better Movie Trailer

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Johnny DeppJOHNNY Depp makes sure his girlfriend, Amber Heard, gets what she wants!

The actress — who’s filming her new movie Paranoia in LA’s hot, dusty, downtown industrial area — complained to Depp that her dressing trailer was too and hotter than hell because its air conditioner was on life support.

Depp snapped his fingers in some exec’s face — and when Amber hit the set next morning, she was thrilled to find her teeny trailer replaced by a state-of-the-art caravan the size of a locomotive.

Amber’s costar, Gary Oldman, reportedly said “How do I start dating Johnny Depp?”

Meanwhile, Depp’s ex, Vanessa Paradis, has begged the star not to marry Amber.

“Vanessa doesn’t care for Amber at all,” said a source.

“She’s convinced that Amber’s trying to get her hooks into Johnny and his money by getting him to propose.

“But Vanessa doesn’t believe it’s going to last, and that’s why she’s against Johnny marrying Amber. She thinks their kids will be crushed when the relationship goes south.

“Vanessa thinks he’s smitten because Amber’s so exotic and says he’ll grow tired of her.

“But before he does, he just might pop the question – and that’s the last thing Vanessa wants.”

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  • Kara

    such a silly, ridiculous man…poor johnny, we all thought you are a smart one, but no. you’re just a piggy bank

    • you’re bs

      You say he is silly just because he tries to make the woman he loves happy?You don’t even know the man!!!And you don’t know Amber’s feelings for him.Sorry,but for me he is very smart and surely waaay smarter than you…

    • tega

      Kara – are you telling me that if you were Amber you would refuse the gifts Johnny gives to her???? Sounds like you are jealous person.

      • Kara

        yes, i would refuse, because i have pride as a woman and i never let someone to buy myself, mostly an old horny man. that’s disgusting. he can be her father. and I can be jealous just because I express an opinion. people are free to say whatever they want. some can agree with a thing some not, what’s so hard to accept that not everybody can have a good opinion about a man who cheated his woman and left her for another one who could be her daughter, and he pays her for sex in ways like this. and he is a fool because he probably thinks that she loves him for real. he may be johnny depp but a woman that’s so young can have an younger man. if johnny wasn’t who he is, how many chances he would have? None

      • kara

        *can’t be jealous

      • jilly

        Hi Kara, I would be honest with you. A girl in her 20s should not date a 50 year old unless that man is Johnny Freaking Depp! That’s a fact. He is good looking and rich and famous. What can I say, it’s not a fair world for men and women. Demi Moore had a husband 15 years younger and everyone criticizes her but men can be Hugh Heffner and marry a young girl and nobody has anything to say!

      • tega

        Jilly – very well said. I agree with you 100% about everything. There will be many men in Hollywood but there will never be another as cool as Johnny Depp. For a lot of people It seems to be ok for older women to be with younger men, even though those relationships never last, but it’s not ok for older men to be with younger women. Some younger women prefer to be with older men b/c they know the guy has been around, gotten things out of his system and is ready to settle down. That’s what Celene Dion said anyway when she married her husband who is no where near close to her age.

      • jilly

        I think one thing that made Amber special to Johnny was that she was a Lesbian! Therefore, she was not dying to be with him and that’s what made her hot! Oh, she is not into me like every other woman in the world, gotta have her!

      • tega

        And you know for a fact he cheated and left Vanessa for her???? He was only the one who ANNOUNCED the separation and the reports are that they had already been separated for some time. Nobody knows what really happened between them including you. No man is going to deny a beautiful young woman with similar interests who is willing to give him more children. Get real Kara and don’t tell us that you would deny the kinds of gifts he gives Amber. Every woman loves to be spoiled in some way.

      • Kara

        yes, give him children for money. that’s a trump woman no matter what you say. and he is an old man. who makes children at 50? he want’s to be their grandfather?

      • tega

        Kara – .I’ll give you some examples OVER 50 of males who had/has kids. Larry King, Donald Trump, Rod Stewart, Elton John (adopted), Paul Stanley… Need I go on? 50 years is not old. Amber is 27. She is not a child. Heck, Hugh Heffner is 85 yrs old and is with and lived with MANY women younger than Amber and I don’t recall anyone calling him a “dirty old man.”

      • Kara

        yes, this is the sick world of celebrities, who think that if they have money there are beyond principles and morals. and the normal world he could be her father. I wonder how old are you and if you will date a man that has your father’s age. and be honest pls. I don’t want you to think that I fight with you but I have the right to express a personal opinion. I understand your good intentions but I can talk too

      • tega

        Sorry I don’t agree with you that the people I mentioned are “sick” and I really don’t see what my age has to do with this meaning that I am not Amber and I don’t live in Hollywood or agree with your “morals” which by definition is different to everyone. However, to answer your question I am 48 years old and normally I would probably not date a man my father’s age UNLESS he was extremely handsome like Johnny had the qualities that everyone who has worked with and knows him has described him as having and if he loved me and took care of me. Amber herself described him in interviews as a “person who lights up a room when he enters it and people are drawn to his magnetic personality.” She has described him as kind, sensitive and caring and her face glows when she speaks of him. All of this can be confirmed by red carpet and press interviews for The Rum Diary. Of course, he is not God and he by no means is perfect but if I could find someone like him, yes, I would date him in a heartbeat. Amber is beautiful but she is no china doll. She is a tough woman from Texas who stands up for what she believes in and Johnny has always been attracted to those kind of people.

  • tega

    Snaps his fingers? You mean made a phone call? Maybe he offered to pay for one for the woman he loves. There is NOTHING wrong with that if you have the money to do it.

  • BS

    BS. This movie was filmed in 2012 entirely in Philadelphia. Just google it people, before to make a big deal

  • Anonymous

    What’s sad about this is as old as Dorian Gray: an aging actor trying to recapture his youth by dating a much, much younger woman. He wants to prove to his adoring fans that he can still win the “Trophy.” As for new trailer, Amber knows she has Johnny hooked (he’s been chasing her since “Rum Diary”) and until she finds another girlfriend to give her heart to, she’s getting him to give her any & everything she may desire at the moment. I guess if you’re going to sell your youth so that some old guy can look virile, you might as well demand Top Dollar.

    • Yousef

      Wow you must know them personally to know all of that! you must also live in their minds! He wasnts to prove nothing and he doesn’t give a crap about what anyone thinks of him. He is with her because he loves her. And as for the trailer it is a FALSE made-up story and how the hell do you know he’s been chasing her since The Rum Diary????? And she is with him since 2 years and they are still going strong so they won’t break up anytime soon you cheap hater. “I guess if you’re going to sell your youth so that some old guy can look virile” what a load of nonesense! sell her youth? She’s just dating him and only because she loves and why would he date her because he wants to look virile? what a stupid logic!

  • Melman

    Such a prejudiced comments here.
    First: As it’s said before, it’s been ages since she filmed the movie and it wasn’t in LA, so clearly a made up story because even the trailer (for this movie) is running with Superman this week LOL!

    Second: why she would want his money? She comes from a family with quite the money and she has a net worth of around U$5 million according to public information. so, no living under a bridge! LOL!

    Funny how his fans think he’s the best, worship every step he does, THEY LOVE HIM. But at the same time seems to think it’s impossible that a younger woman could love him just because he is attractive, and gentle, and intelligent and cool and a great man.

    It’s like if you’re his fan you can love him. But if you’re an actress who meet him 4 years ago, then it’s only because his money LOL!

  • Anonymous

    What exactly is exotic about Amber? She’s from Austin Texas and the eastside of IH35. Maybe trailer trash exotic. Nothing more.

  • CalGal

    Um, this movie has finished filming in NY months ago & comes out Aug. 16 so this story is false…..

  • Giddy Mare

    No fool like an old fool!!!!!!!!

    • Yousef

      shut up

      • Yousef

        And he’s not old!

  • Agelique

    I think the reason most everyone is dissapointed and disgusted with Johnny Depp is because he projected to all of us that he was above being the Hollywood cliche`. We all thought he would never stoop so low as he has. He is obviously desperate to hang on to a girl that is only using him to advance her career. It is a well known fact that he cheated on Vanessa with Amber in 2009, when Amber was 22 years old. When Depp was still living with his”wife” Vanessa(she may as well have been) and their kids. Depp is 50 years old and the way he has turned into this dirty old man, chasing 20 year old tail is frankly grossing us all out. Yes it has been done a million times before by countless men and that is the very reason we can’t stand to see Johnny doing the same. We thought he was so much better, but he is just sad, and typical..

    • Yousef

      everyone? speak for yourself and the horny old bitchez only and what did he project? you projected him as that and it’s not his problem. obviously desperate? judging based on a false story? lol and how do you know she is “only” using him? she is with him since 2 years and he did NOTHING to her career! well known fact that he cheated on Vanessa? by whom and what sources is it considered a well known fact? cheap gossip sites? And Vanessa wasn’t even his wife and they never got married because she didn’t want to. And how is he chasing this almost 30 years old woman if he is already with her since 2009 according to you? grossing you out and not “us” all. And what makes him sad you idoit? just because he is dating a younger woman? stop judging someone you know nothing about!

  • Bill

    Heard is getting even more obnoxious and full of herself. She can not act, is losing those looks really fast and is just an average opportunist. I am disapointed in Depp. He is really being stupid by associating with this trashy girl. What a downgrade. I mean Vanessa Paradis was/is so beautiful and classy and the epitome of a French model.Kate Moss, the most unique beauty the planet has seen and a good hearted, sweet, down to earth girl. Now we get this trash bin of a wanna be actress with a personality of a complaining brat. Johnny needs to dump this gold digger stat!