Robert Pattinson: ‘Kristen Stewart is Copying me’

Sunday, June 16, 2013

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsROBERT Pattinson thinks ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart is trying to copy him!

Robert has been wanting to shoot an Iraq War film Mission Blacklist about a soldier on the trail of Saddam Hussein for two years and will hopefully be filming in Iraq by end of year.

And Kristen has reportedly signed on to star in a similar film — much to Rob’s dismay.

“Rob’s camp was was surprised to hear Kristen had signed onto another War on Terror movie Camp X-Ray about a female soldier stationed in Guantanamo Bay which she will film late summer,” a source said.

“Rob is convinced Kristen is now trying to duplicate his film choices with Camp X-Ray which is being directed by Peter Sattler, an obscure first-time director.”[imagebrowser id=1211]



  • lenaj

    Such crap, it pattinson team really does not know how not to destroy the girl! Bitter much?!
    patts probably copying Kristen Stewart with perfume? By the way Kristen smell of perfume won, congratulations.

  • Jules

    She can do whatever she wants! Rob broke up with her, and he certainly does not own her.

    • Toby

      Damn right!

  • Patti, Indianapolis

    What a boorish moron! Is the whole performing community supposed to refuse any military role while this idiot films his? If this were to ever happen I could see Gene Hackman, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, or Robert Deniro making such a demand. Oh wait, they are too talented, professional and exciting to give a damn what this idiot is doing. Kristen, rock on and make any movie you feel drawn to-it will make “Edward” for life ready for his car sales commercials in 2-3 years.

  • Patti, Indianapolis

    Crap! I forgot Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Lawrence Oliver, Richard Burton, Peter O’Toole, Tommy Lee Jones, and Bette Davis. Hundreds of others but these are my favorites.

  • guest

    just because she’s starring in a war movie doesn’t mean she’s copying him, she’s an actress she can act in any movie she wants to its got nothing to do with him,
    and if anyone’s copying anyone he’s copying her with the whole campaigning a perfume thing, because she became the face of a perfume before him

  • Sam

    Why is Rob’s team paying money to publish this kind of crap? It makes Rob look pathetic.

  • Lizzy

    Oh don’t get bent out of shape people! Another load of BS from a trashy tabloid site. 99% of these stories are bogus. The sad thing is how many people buy into the.

    • Guest

      I will agree it is so sad how people buy into gossip. US Weekly can be right about 25% of the time, Daily fail gets some stuff write when it comes to UK stars and Football stars, but that is about it, E! is right about 50% of the time, and People is almost always right. The rest is total crap or just educated guessing, like Gwyneth and Chris are rarely spotted together so it’s easy to make up a story that they have an unhappy marriage instead of the fact that he is notoriously media shy.

    • Toby

      He’s as good as his sources.Everyone needs to see past the BS, to get to whatever % is the truth…l.99%? I rather doubt that, these gossip vacumes can’t always be wrong, yeah there is usually something tangible there,and we must find a way to see thru the cracks.They can’t make this stuff up, only exagurate it a little, to juice it up a little. But no, I don’t believe he came right out and said that. But I get a gut feel, something along those lines was said,by either him, or one of his associates. My opinion…

  • inseperable

    who cares. Go for it Kristen youre amazing.

  • Sharon Dorrans Black

    I like Rob but he wouldn’t be acting in any film if Kristen hadn’t picked him for Twilight.

  • Emily

    Google ‘research the twilight saga blogspot’ it’s at the top of the search engine. Her name is Catherine (the writer of the blog). Check it out it’s pretty interesing.

  • Meme

    This story is obviously BS. I don’t think Rob gives two s h I t s what Stewart does now.

  • Guest

    I highly doubt this is true. Frankly, I think some of the media is trying to milk hits from the last few desperate twi-hards from a a no drama civil break up for all it’s worth.

    However, how arrogant is he if he thinks that is true. Small indie films like this take months for deals to be put in place, so it would have been in the works long before they broke up. And it’s one film. The other film she is doing is in Switzerland. I’m not sure how a film based in Gitmo is identical to one in Iraq unless they are both war films…and war films are quite common in Hollywood.

  • Cy

    the movie Kris is going to be in is about a Lesbian soldier. That is the only part she can play. That is why she chose this movie

    • Corny Collins

      Her soldier character isn’t a lesbian, dumbass. The other characters
      call her that to “demean” her. That’s the whole point. And what do you
      mean “that is the only part she can play”? If you take a look at her
      resume, you will see that she’s acted as a lot of different characters
      with completely different backgrounds. Only two of her roles (The
      Runaways and Sils Maria) includes her playing a character with lesbian
      tendencies. Don’t get it twisted. And um yes, she did make Rob. Without
      her, Catherine Hardwicke and Twilight, where would he be? Still acting
      in shitty indie films that no one even recognizes. The Bad Mothers
      Handbook? How To Be? What? He was Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and his
      career still didn’t take off until he had to play a sparkly vampire 4
      years later. Stephenie Meyer already had her heart set on Henry Cavill.
      Hell, Shiloh Fernandez was THIS close to getting the role if Kristen
      hadn’t convinced Catherine to pick Rob. Any hot guy could have played
      the role of Edward and the franchise would’ve still been a phenomenon.
      It wasn’t because of his ugly ass that the movies became a hit. Don’t
      forget that a legion of girls already thought Edward was the perfect
      guy. They would’ve idolized anyone who got the role. Remember all the
      outrage when he was cast? Remember the petitions? It wasn’t until after
      the movie premiered and all the interviews of him promoting his “self
      deprecating British hobo” persona that people (girls especially) decided
      that they would grow to like him. Don’t try to act like Kristen (who
      was PERSONALLY offered the role of Bella and didn’t have to audition)
      needed Rob, a virtually unknown actor, to make Twilight big. You sound
      delusional. Don’t forget that Kristen was already a respected indie
      actress before Twilight and she would’ve most likely continued to be if
      she didn’t do Twilight. The only reason why he even went to audition was
      because he saw her in ‘Into The Wild’, an indie movie in which she is
      the most recognized for her talent to this day. Only a small of amount
      of people (mostly Robsessed fangirls) take him seriously as an actor.
      There are other more talented, critically praised actors out there who
      can actually act and are around the same age as him. THEY get recognized
      for their talent. HE gets recognized for his looks. He’s far from being
      a respected actor, while she has even been regarded as a “veteran” in
      the business by more than a few critics.

      Actually, I think this guy says it the best:

      You should probably take a look at that. Toodles.

  • Cy

    Kris didn’t make Rob. She was sooo lucky he even came along to audition for the part. If it wasn’t for Rob Twilght would have fallen on it’s ass. Lucky for Kristen he did come along. Anybody could have played the part of Bella. But Rob made Edward. He owned Edward Cullen. Imagine anybody else playing that part. Zac Efron? Chace Crawford? Shia La Beouf? Nobody else could have played that part but Robert. Anybody could have easily been Bella. Robert Pattinson doesn’t owe Kris a thing. Remember? She is the one that screwed him over!

  • jacqueline

    rob is a arrogant brittish man who is full of himself someday he will regret that he never gave Kristen , a second chance plus he played judge and executioner! oh well he is not good enough for Kristen anyway I am sure rob has made plenty of mistakes we all have only rob refuses to admit his. Kristen is better off with out his brittish pride has caused him the best thing he ever had!!!