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Ashton Kutcher Walks Around Sets While Naked

Posted by Adam

Ashton KutcherASHTON Kutcher isn’t afraid to show off his body!

The actor apparently walks around half-naked on the set of Two and a Half Men!

“Ashton’s always parading around backstage in sexy, tight undies,” a source said.

“He’s a former underwear model and truly comfortable wearing as little as possible — tighty-whities, or just a towel around his waist. I’ve even caught him walking around naked.

“Two recent visitors were shocked when they spotted him in briefs talking to a staffer.

“Ashton didn’t give their presence a second thought – he actually walked over to say hello! After a quick chat, he headed back to his trailer as the visitors stood stunned.”


  • jilly

    No, walks around fully naked and they make John Cryer admire his “huge” penis when the real truth is that he has a tiny one!