Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox No Longer BFFs?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

85th Annual Academy Awards - ArrivalsIN news that may/may not take the edge of those Friends re-runs you’re so fond of, evidence is emerging that Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox – best friends both on and off screen, or so we thought – are no longer on each other’s speed dial.

And the evidence goes something like this:

It was Courtney’s 49th birthday over the weekend, and she had a “star-studded” party at a restaurant in Santa Monica. Isla Fisher was there, Molly Sims was there, Laura Dern was there, heck, even we would’ve been there if we weren’t somewhere else entirely… but guess who wasn’t? No prizes, etc.

She could’ve just been busy.



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  • cleangarry

    I’m Hot ! And the cellulite – NOT !

    • cleangarry

      Her look says like: you all are the sh1t !

  • jilly

    I can’t stand Courtney. Jen should drop her anyway. And yes Garry, she looks like a snobby bitch.