Rihanna: Is She Taking The ****?!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Rihanna's Halloween Costume Ball 2012

RIHANNA, when never knowingly not releasing albums and never knowingly not touring, is never knowingly on time.

And the latest in a line of tardiness longer than a very long piece of string, the Barbadian singer turned up on stage a whopping 2.5 hours late for her gig last night in Birmingham, England.

And it appears the reason was that she was too busy partying the night before in London.

Rihanna was out with her new best friend, the MOTM (Model of the Moment) Cara Delevingne, at Boujis nightclub in South Kensington, a place favored by English people so posh they can barely speak.

Reports suggest she didn’t leave the joint until 3.15am. This, on a school night!

And it all comes after Rihanna’s borderline-disastrous concert at Twickenham, which she managed to squeeze in before hitting London Town, hard!

London’s Evening Standard newspaper was nothing short of scathing.

It didn’t quite feel historic and at times, Rihanna even appeared a bit bored.

“As her penchant for casually singing over the top of her own records at shows suggests, Rihanna wasn’t the most vigorous performer, and she looked dead-eyed.

“Rihanna deserves a break and so do we.”


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