Rosie O’Donnell Furious With Ex’s New Wife!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rosie O'DonnellROSIE O’Donnell isn’t happy!

The TV star has told her er ex-wife Kelli Carpenter’s new spouse to keep away from her kids!

Sources say Rosie thinks Anne Steele – the woman Kelli married on June 1 in the backyard of their shared Rockland County, N.Y., home – is trying to steal away the affection of Rosie and Kelli’s four kids.

“Rosie’s nose id definitely out of joint over how instantly her children with Kelli have taken to their new stepmom,” said a family friend.

“They seem to enjoy hanging out with them a lot more than with Ro and her wife Michelle (Rounds). That’s because they find Kelli and Anne to be more fun.”

Adding fuel to the fire is a comment Anne made in a New York Times interview in which she said that Rosie’s kids have become her instant family.

“That remark really hit a nerve with Rosie,” said the friend.

According to another source, Rosie and Michelle skipped the nuptials, and she wasn’t thrilled that the kids were slated to take part in the ceremony.

“In the end, Rosie relented when Kelli requested that their boys play key roles as members of the wedding party,” the source continued. “Parker escorted his mom through the terraced garden, and Blake walked with Anne.

“It was a beautiful and joyous occasion.”

Meanwhile, Rosie was noticeably silent about the wedding on Twitter.

“Normally she’s a fiend when it comes to tweeting and making her feelings known loud and clear,” said the source.

“But on June 1, there was not a single tweet from her about Kelli remarrying and moving on – no well-wishes, nothing.” Two days later, she apparently had a change of heart, posting a photo on Twitter tagged: “Chelsea n Blake at Kelli & Anne’s wedding.”

“That was it,” said the source. “Other than that, there hasn’t been a single word from her congratulating the couple.”