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Russell Brand Shunned By Mila Kunis For Macaulay Culkin

Posted by Chloe

Russell Brand RUSSELL Brand was snubbed while in pursuit of one of the sexiest women on the planet – Mila Kunis.

The UK funny man spoke about he tried it on with the beauty whilst they were filming the 2008 comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall but was turned down as she was dating Macaulay Culkin at the time.

Russell said: “She’s gorgeous. She’s so gorgeous.

“I was chatting her up, and got the conversation around to, ‘Have you got a boyfriend?’ and she went, ‘Yeah’.

“So you know that feeling of ‘How long do I have to maintain an interest in this conversation now?’ It’s 12 seconds. She’s talking about her boyfriend ‘Mac’. Eventually, she said ‘My boyfriend’s coming tomorrow.’ She was excited — and when he came it was not ‘Mac’, it was Macaulay Culkin!”

The four time winner of Bizzare Shagger Of the Year was clearly bitter about the situation as he continued:

“He’d got longer. Like a veal calf, like he’d been grown in a crate. All pale and scared of himself, like a shaved horse.
“There was a horror about him! Macaulay Culkin! The little lad out of Home Alone! She’s f***ing him!”

The comedian hasn’t let the knock back from Mila who is now with Ashton Kutcher, affect his ego too much as he has continued to rack up a list of conquest since his split from Katy Perry in 2011.

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