Bieber Films Himself ‘Stoned’

Friday, June 21, 2013

Justin Bieber JUSTIN Bieber sparked speculation today that he is possibly using drugs.

Filming his first Instagram short film, a topless Biebs seemed a little incoherent. Giggling out of control as he struggled to get the words “So crazy news guys. There’s video on Instagram” out.

His strange bursts of laughter and glazed over eyes indicated that the 19 year old pop sensation may have been smoking marijuana prior to posting the vid, prompting thousands of fans to tweet about how ‘stoned’ he was.

It is hard to tell whether the young singer had been smoking ‘the good stuff’ or was just letting his hair down with his friends after a hectic and no doubt stressful week.

Just a few days ago, the teen was under investigation by the Los Angeles police department (AGAIN) for his fabulous driving skills.

It was reported that Justin had pinned a photographer between his ferrari and another vehicle. However, the case was dropped after police checking the CCTV, revealing that no crime was committed.