James Franco Vs Henry Cavill

Friday, June 21, 2013

James Franco JAMES Franco slammed Henry Cavill as Superman on The Man Of Steel’s red carpet.

“I was also at Leicester Square earlier this year for the premiere of my film Oz, when the red carpet was a yellow brick road, but the night I saw the new Superman, I arrived incognito: 1) because it wasn’t my film, and 2) because I don’t think Henry Cavill would have wanted to see me there. Not that we’re enemies. Years ago we worked on a film together called Tristan and Isolde. My hunch is that he didn’t like me very much. I don’t know this for certain, but I know that I wouldn’t have liked myself back then because I was a difficult young actor who took himself too seriously.”

However, he showed some support to his ex co-stay implying that Cavill has now hit the big-time: “The night of the premiere I saw Henry from afar on the red carpet and knew this was the moment his whole life had been building toward.”

He then went on to put his relationship with Cavill aside and focused on the film in hand.

“So, what did we watch? A great film. But what makes me say this? Is it the nerd revolution that has brought our public taste to the point where comic-book characters and video games are now cool? Are these huge comic-book films the way for the world at large to embrace the subjects of these forms that are traditionally relegated to the nerd niche? Yes, in a way. But in another way, we are just wowed by the money that brings them to fruition.”

Please don’t make us choose between you boys, we love you both.


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  • Harold Ford

    Wow the author is an idiot. “James Franco slammed Henry Cavill”? Where does he slam? If anything he’s being apologetic and expressing his happiness for Cavill.

    • d

      It is called read between the lines.