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Robert Pattinson Has a New Girlfriend (REPORT)

Posted by Adam

[imagebrowser id=1211] ROBERT Pattinson might have a new girlfriend!

The actor — who split from Kristen Stewart earlier this year — was spotted leaving the Chateau Marmont hotel on June 26 around 2:45 a.m. with a girl who was grinning from ear-to-ear, according to HollywoodLife.

Meanwhile, Rob thinks Kristen is trying to copy him!

Robert has been wanting to shoot an Iraq War film Mission Blacklist about a soldier on the trail of Saddam Hussein for two years and will hopefully be filming in Iraq by end of year.

And Kristen has reportedly signed on to star in a similar film — much to Rob’s dismay.

“Rob’s camp was was surprised to hear Kristen had signed onto another War on Terror movie Camp X-Ray about a female soldier stationed in Guantanamo Bay which she will film late summer,” a source said.

“Rob is convinced Kristen is now trying to duplicate his film choices with Camp X-Ray which is being directed by Peter Sattler, an obscure first-time director.”[imagebrowser id=1211]

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  • Toby

    That means nothing.

  • val

    BS!!!! Kristen is the more famous of this couple! She had already made a name for herself before twilight! If it were not for kristen rob would still be a struggling actor. He’s done a handful of movies none of which got him noticed or not even blockbusters besides twilight. Kris had huge success with snow white and the huntsman. She’s a well respected actress that everyone including robert wants to wk with her! After twilight rob is having to start all over and prove himself that’s why he’s partying with executives! She doesn’t need to do that plus her movie camp xray is getting made first. Wonder why cause having her in your movie = $$$
    No so true in his case!!!! Let’s be honest here he’s not at her level yet! He has his good looks and yes can one day be an A lister. But he’s gonna have to have a blockbuster post twilight to get better movie roles and build up his filmography!

    • ap

      SWATH success is not entirely credited to Kristen Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth played a big Role in the success of the movie.

      Catherine Hardwicked fought hard for Rob for the role of Edward Cullen againts the petition of the fans who opposed Rob to play Edward and to convinced the summit bosses and staff that she could turned him into Edward Cullen for they had doubts against him and not a 17 year old girl who was only one of the cast same as the other actors in the small movie called twilight .they sugar coated everyhthing for she picked Rob for their chemistry but that’s not the end of it.she was not a highest paid ,A list ,award winning ,popular actress when they met. they both shoot to fame and stardom together. well respected actress? hahahaha a 23 year old woman who was caught cheating on her boyfriend with a married man and helped wrecked a home.she need to start all over again to gain some respect from people outside the crazy delusional fandom

  • ap

    They broke up so its not Kristen business what ever Rob is doing with his life and stop with the copying crap.

  • Kathy

    Check out Forbes’ 100 Lists. Why would she need Rob. How many can say that they have made that list four years in a row.

    • jake

      who says the she needs Rob?they are done with each other. Forbes 100 list doesnt meant a thing after her momentary indiscretions she need to clean his image as a this immature selfish person.they can move on together.

  • jake

    making up stories. Rob doesn’t give a crap what Kristen is doing with her life or what movies she will be making in the future. they broke up so that’s the best thing for both of them

  • Anonymous

    It doesn’t matter if Robert has a new girlfriend or not – Kristen will no doubt have a new guy soon, too. Rob knows he’s just a piece of meat, and he always has been for older Twilight Fans, especially. He’s been their personal ‘Christian Grey’ LONG before the book 50 Shades of Grey was such a Twilight-inspired phenomenon!!
    “Stephenie Meyer and Her ARMY of Desperate Housewives: The Twilight Saga Exposed” – Book on the professional negligence of Stephenie Meyer, her book publishers and movie producers that CAUSED all the ridiculous over-obsessions of OLDER Twilight Fan’s – resulting in all these extreme and extended ‘robsten’ PR assaults – read all about it! Search: explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot.
    Sorry, Ladies – I rarely come back to respond in here. If you have an ignorant yet semi-brilliant response to this message – stop being such a coward and visit the blog to take this argument HEAD ON with me. I’ve HAD IT with your judgemental, hateful sh*t. And since I happen to KNOW WHY so many of you are so damn mean STILL – the book!
    I’ll also be sending an official complaint off to a few pertinent Attorney Generals, soon. GOSH, if you would rather these things NOT happen – come sign the petitions for Hollywood to reform it’s own Industry of Celebrity Mistreatment. It’s the LEAST you could do for all the pain and hurt that SO MANY of you have caused your fellow Twilight Sisters – not to mention, Kristen & Robert!!

    • Anonymous

      Seriously – you’re still peddling this crap, Catherine? No one can cause anyone to have an obsession over another human being. And you have been posting this all over the internet again. Why don’t you give it a rest?

      What are you going to complain about to the Attorneys General? That people have made mean posts on the internet? The Stephanie Meyers has somehow “made” people obsess over this? Do you think anyone will actually take this seriously?

  • lulu collazo

    He’s a big loser L for Loser. He had true love in his hands and let it slip away out of cowardness, rumors, stupidity, mama’s boy attitude and going with the flow selfishness . Let’s wait and see who’s happier… it’s always the one who loved the most. The power on a relationship lies on the one who loved the most, he/she will never have regrets…poor Rob…and of course I agree with a previous comment, he in fact is a hypocrite and an ars…

    • maria

      Rob a big loser? because he dumped Kristen cheating azz.HAHAHAHA Kristen never knew the meaning of true love,. this is the woman so immature and selfish who was caught cheating on her boyfriend with a married man out in public thus humiliated him..thats not even the biggest farce but she helped a married man wrecked his family/home .wheres the true love in there?this is not only all about poor Kristen .she is responsible for ruining everything in her life and not Rob.they are done broken up so you need to move on. kscrew look happy posing with the hooters girls and getting tattoo why cant you be happy with her and leave Rob alone with his life.

  • Anonymous

    Stewart is not copying Rob. Her movie is not about someone on the trail of Saddam Hussein. I hardly think that either one of them gets to have a monopoly on subject matter for films anyway.

  • Sil

    I wonder if they would choose real love and normal life over fame…I mean how can you not go nuts with papz in your face 24/7? We don´t know a thing about their relationship, and it´s not our business anyway. Robsten is maybe history…maybe not, we´ll see. I wish good life and strong nerves for both !

  • Leuice

    Kristen deserves better anyway……

    • ap

      Rob deserves better too to have a faithful girlfriend

  • shadberry

    @ap i agree to all you have said, i have seen their movies before twilight and they were both invisible to me until twilight came along. and as for kristen she is a selfish person she cheated on rob because she knew he was crazy about her, as the matured 1 rob forgave her and rumors continued. breaking up with kristen was the logical thing any normal and responsible guy would do.

    and also lets not blame only Kristen she fell, but that old for nothing married man who cannot mind hes business and hes family rather than intruding into their affair. Kristen dint break hes home, he did. shameless and disgraceful person.

  • Cad

    You are a crazy and no one but them two know what is going on in their relationship , u obsessed fans think u know it all, you don’t know them personally and you read all those gossip rags that are not true to begin with and believe every single word of it, and Kristen may or may not have made a mistake but she did not break the home up , his marriage was already on the rocks and as for rob every time he steps out with a diff girl he is somehow romantically link to her, which I made add is not men and women do have friend of the opposite sex , so read up and read between the lines before jumping to conclusions cause not all things are black and white they do love each other and they do live in the same house no matter if u have seen him move stuff to his first house he bought and you have to figure in the dogs to bear is robs dog and berie is Kristen’s he is not gonna take both , like I said read between the lines , and Kristen is the one that choose rob not Catherine , and stop calling them names cause if you were in the same predigament you would be hurt by it and also they have the same friends , next if they broke up rob has been on down time why woulnt he just fly to London to visit his family for awhile he be partying there where the papz are not to bad, look at all the evidence before you speak

  • court jester

    Hope the first time director is not married! Lol!

  • court jester

    Hmmmmm. First time director( means low budjet), has been canadian actress( has a name in canada but is passed her prime, can be gotten cheaply.) T. S. ( needs the money) and of course stewart ( understand she is working for peanuts, or maybe its just the nuts! ) ha ha!